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BREAKING NEWS: I am going to be participating in a Blog Tour as part of C&T Publishing’s promotion of my friends new book, Creative Quilt Challenges (Pat Pease & Wendy Hill, 2016) and you will have an opportunity to win a copy of the book, just by commenting on my blog, more details to come!

Learning Curve on the New Website

I spent part of the weekend working on the new Art Quilts by Guadalupe & Hogan website on the Square Space platform. It is not intuitive like my WordPress blog and requires quite a learning curve. I have resorted to having to watch the instructional videos (which are quite excellent) to guide me along each step of creating the website from the Square Space templates.

I can tell the website is going to be fairly professional looking, as opposed to the homegrown blog look of our The Wardrobe Meets the Wall site.  The template I am using is very sleek and allows a lot of cool customization.

In preparation for our upcoming show, The Collaboration (see the Textiles Adventures page or the recent post The Collaboration), Betty Anne Guadalupe and I were asked to write the story of our collaboration (we collaborated on the story of our collaboration, ha).

I am working on integrating this story into our new website but I thought I would share the story now on my tierneycreates blog:

The Collaboration

The work of Betty Anne Guadalupe and Tierney Davis Hogan is about collaboration across generations, backgrounds, and cultures. They each come from different perspectives and bring those perspectives into their collaborative work.

They randomly came together in Central Oregon completely by chance nearly 10 years ago and the universe kept mysteriously bringing Betty Anne and Tierney together until they became friends.

The birth of their first collaboration was for a show that they conceptualized: art quilts from recycled silk couture fabric samples. They then invited other art quilters to join in this challenge of creating art quilts from recycled silks and this became Quilting Meets Couture. This matured into Betty Anne and Tierney’s current collaborative collection, The Wardrobe Meets the Wall, collection of art quilts made from recycled garments and garment manufacturing samples.

Betty Anne and Tierney have been engaging in ongoing collaboration of art quilts projects. They frequently get together for “sew days”. They have exchanged blocks and fabrics from each others’ “stash”. They join together for supportive, collaborative discussions, followed by sharing of fabric, unfinished blocks and a meal.

Tierney and Betty Anne each work independently, but as good friends always do, they share ideas.

Their recent endeavor is to stick with idea of making beauty from random discards. The result of this endeavor is that it has set their creative spirits soaring.

The art quilt below, Flying Triangles, was our very first art quilt collaboration: I designed and pieced the quilt with silk and linen couture garment manufacturing samples (originally due to be trashed by the manufacturer) that Betty Anne had procured; and Betty Anne did the quilting.

Flying Triangles (2012). Designed and Pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan. Quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe. Photography by Jeremy Koons.

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