Update: Ohio

This is a quick follow up to my post from earlier this week: In Progress: Ohio.

My new recycled silk garment scrap piece is done and ready to go to Betty Anne Guadalupe  to work her art quilting magic. It measures approximately 24″ x 14″.

I have not decide if I want the piece to orientate this way:


Or this way:



I welcome any thoughts and comments you have on the orientation – thanks!

10 thoughts on “Update: Ohio”

  1. I like the vertical. It seems to me more like a piece to hang. For some reason as horizontal it makes me think more of a placemat. I know that makes no since but that was my gut reaction. I really like it, like the end squares in the borders. I truly love the process that got you to this fine ending.

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    1. That is awesome Christine! My silk art placemat! (but no one could actually eat on it!) That got me really laughing, thanks! Okay you presented a good argument for vertical!


  2. I like the horizontal. The isolated blocks in the border get more attention in the horizontal, and I like them and think they deserve the attention. And the colors in the square blocks seem more balanced when looking at the horizontal version.

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