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More Farm House Vintage Blocks

I worked on Farm Girl Vintage Blocks this weekend.

Last time I posted about my progress, I had just completed the Cool Threads Block. I am working through the blocks alphabetically in Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage book.

I knocked out 5 more blocks this weekend: Corn and Tomatoes Block, Corn and Tomatoes Special Edition block (available as special download from the Fat Quarter Shop), Country Crossroads Block, Crops Block, and Postage Stamp Block.

I know,  I know “Postage Stamp Block” does not sound like it is in alphabetical order. I needed a mindless block (created from 36 –  2.5″ squares) to work on after having to pay close attention to create the previous 4 blocks.

Once I complete a couple more blocks, I will post a photo of all the blocks completed to date.


As I mentioned in my 06/27/17 post, Seeds, I am listening to, from Episode #1 forward,  The RobCast by Rob Bell ( Rob Bell is a former pastor turned author, coach, speaker. His podcasts focuses on spirituality and quality of life.

While working on my Farm Girl Vintage blocks I listened to his podcast Episode #21, which featured a conversation with author Elizabeth Gilbert (best known for her book Eat, Pray, Love).

Here is an excerpt from that interview/conversation that I found particularly inspiring. Elizabeth Gilbert shared how her accountant (and friend of many years) views life:

“(When I call him) He picks up the phone, and when you say ‘how are you doing?’, he says ‘I have never been better in my life’.

No matter what is going on in his life, this is how he answers the phone. I asked him why he answers the phone that way and he responded:

‘Everyday has two miraculous moments. There is the moment you wake up and realize you have been given another chance; and there is the moment when you go to sleep and you realize that you get to put behind you all the mistakes you made.'”

– Elizabeth Gilbert

23 thoughts on “More Farm House Vintage Blocks”

  1. Lovely blocks, Tierney. They are all wonderful, but I love the patterning and colours you chose for the Crops block. And yes, isn’t it magnificent to know that, each day, we’ve been given another chance? 🙂 Thanks for sharing the Rob Bell podcast. I’ve been meaning to listen in!

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  2. Your blocks are so cute! I really like the corn and tomatoes! Ohio sweet corn is ready and delicious! I smiled when I read you are doing the blocks in alphabetical order…I would have to do the same thing as there must be a systematic process to making many different blocks!

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    1. Thank you, they are thoughts I have incorporated into my life! Glad you like the fabrics – I have a sort of crazy palette and I guess I am a rogue Farm Girl 😉


    1. Why thank you! The corn makes me smile too – the one light yellow/white kernel was a pure accident as I was running out of different yellows to use, but it gives it a little bit of authenticity, ha! 🙂

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