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5th Blog Anniversary Giveaway #1

Welcome to Day #1 of the 5 day tierneycreates Blog 5th Anniversary Celebration Giveaways.

Giveaway #1

Pleas see yesterday’s post Guest Blogger: tierneycreates 5th Anniversary Celebration Giveaway for additional details; and the first giveaway is a set of four (4) tierneycreates art cards of the first 4 art quilts I made.

You can read more about these cards in this post – Art Quilt Cards.


The cards will arrive packaged like this:


In addition to a set of Art Cards, the winner will also receive a Little Wallet in a color of their choice (if available):


How to Enter

To enter the drawing for Giveaway #1 (set of art cards and a little wallet) please explore any old tierneycreates post from October 2013 to December 2017.

Below are links to posts organized by month from October 2013 to December 2017 to help you locate old posts.  Simply write in the “Thoughts/Comments” section of THIS CURRENT POST the title and date of the old post from October 2013 – December 2017 you  peeked at.

34 thoughts on “5th Blog Anniversary Giveaway #1”

  1. June 2014 “Look, look, I am in a Book!” What an honor to have 2 quilts in a published book! I also followed the link to Ms. Sassy Schnauzer Snips…she was a good girl! P.S. I’ll take to turquoise wallet with the orange swirl, if my name is chosen, that is!

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  2. Sewing Down Binding: the final frontier to completion, October 31, 2013. I picked this one at random. And, guess what, when I did fabric wall hangings, I liked sewing on binding too. I found it restful and I loved the finished look it gave my work.

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  3. These are beautiful cards and I need a wallet like that. I took a look at your July 2017 posts – all of them. It was appropriate that you were talking about trees since I took some tree pictures on my walk this morning. You talked about being a not-terrible photographer. I am working on that as well. Your post about cutting out bad parts and keeping going on quilting was very inspirational.

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    1. Why thank you and thanks for checking out my old posts! I always strive for “decent” in my photography – well to the level that people can at least make out what I was trying to photograph 🙂


  4. Oooh, yes please! I picked out a post from March 2015, before I started following you, and couldn’t resist “Creative Inspiration: What Others Are Working On”. Your Winter Houses quilt really caught my eye – and I also think orange, grey and black is a winning colour combination!

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  5. Title of the post is Random Follow-ups (Oct 2013 – Oct 2017)—-and the date is October 2017. I especially LOVED the chicken update and the quilting on the Krista Moser quilt inspired by your logjam quilt!

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  6. I went to January 2014…always fun to see how one is planning to approach the New Year and for me, 2014 was also the first year we had moved fulltime to our ‘retirement’ home. Post was about bindings…which I love doing…deciding, making, attaching and even now doing the final stitching by machine. That hand sewing time can be used for more creative options…but NOT hundreds of yo-yos! I have a bin for the partial leftovers and love when I can combine two or more to finish another smaller project. The second part of the post was for UFOs….always an interesting topic. It is so easy and even understandable as to the many reasons why they stack up. A revisit at a later date sometimes leads to a different solution, often better. I need to get serious about cutting bait on a few and giving them away. One time our guild did a hidden swap. Fun results when someone else takes over.

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    1. Thanks for much for checking out that old post!
      I so enjoyed reading your comments on this post! I love combining the leftovers from several projects into a new project (that I actually finish, ha!) 🙂


  7. Dear Tierney!!… *Thank you!!*
    I have SO enjoyed, and grown from, following your creative journey these 5 years! (5 years??!… how can that be??)
    I *Thank you!* for sharing your wit, humor, creativity and creative process… intelligent and poetic reflection…
    You have touched on SO many issues… and have helped me on my own personal journey…
    Perhaps one of the greatest impacts your work has had on me… is best summarized in your quote from the Persian poet, Rumi:
    “Life is a balance of holding and letting go”.
    *All* of your posts are wonderful, in their totality,… love to see your library book stacks and recommendations, too!…
    But, all of your posts from November 2013, are ones I revisit… and your later, related, post of September 17 of this year (and the comments/discussions following) hit “close to home” for me.
    Thank you, again, Tierney!!
    (And, *Congratulations!* on Seeds being exhibited in NYC!!)
    Pat T.


    1. Thanks Pat and I did not realize you have followed my blog so long – thanks so much 😀😀😀
      I really appreciate your comments and I am so happy that my random musings have been useful 😀😀😀


      1. The very first time ever that I tried to quilt a a quilt top was in the south and they still used a giant hoop with about 6-7 ladies around it all quilting on a different part. Talk about a long process! LOL

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    1. Thank you for looking at my early days of blogging! It is a lovely quilt in person and I think I was taking photos back then on an old camera before I discovered I could just use my smartphone 🙂


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