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5th Blog Anniversary Giveaway #5

We are at Day #5 of the 5 days of giveaways in celebration of the tierneycreates 5th blog anniversary.

The 5th giveaway is inspired by previous posts on Thrift Shop Adventures, most recently the post Awesome $3 Thrift Shop Find; and by my former Etsy shop which is the initial reason I started the blog and one of the items I used to sell on my shop.

Inspired by a comment from Shasta@highroadquilter, I am giving away a couple of the home decor fabrics, that have a vintage fabric feel, from my recent thrift store find; and I am giving away a set of little love pillows in vintage style fabrics.


The home decor fabric totals 1.5 – 2+ yards (around 2 meters/metres) in the bigger pieces.

In addition to above, like in giveaways 1 – 4, in addition to a miniature kimono in a color of your choosing (if available), you will also receive a little wallet in a color of your choosing:


To enter the drawing for Giveaway #5 simply write in the “Thoughts/Comments” section of THIS CURRENT POST if you’ve ever had an exciting thrift store or garage sale find (or if you have never even been to a thrift store or garage sale).

Good Luck 🙂

This drawing is open until 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time on 10/31/18 and a winner will be selected by random drawing from those who commented on this post.

24 thoughts on “5th Blog Anniversary Giveaway #5”

  1. I’ve become a big fan of visiting thrift shops. I found some vintage handkerchiefs that will be used in a project someday. I’ve never found good fabrics, but I have found great quilting books. Yesterday, I found a boho dress similar to one I had seen online for $65. It was $5 at the thrift shop.

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  2. Hi Tierney! I love thrift and antique shops. But I rarely buy anything! I am one of those sad souls who wasn’t born with a knack for finding bargains or a great deals in those shops. I love reading about other folks’ great finds, though. It inspires me to keep going! Someday….😀

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  3. I’m quite a bargain hunter so of course I’ve been to many different types of thrift stores, second hand stores, antiques stores, garage sales, yard sales, etc. I’ve had many great finds, but one of the most recent was a throw pillow that I’m quite pleased with. It was exactly the right colors that will be in my LR once it’s finished and couldn’t have been more perfect. It adds color as well as texture and is a bit retro.

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  4. Many years ago, when I was pregnant with my second child, I went to a garage sale and found stacks of salesman samples of fabrics (similar to the upholstery salesman samples you showed in a recent post). It was a motherlode of beautiful pastel prints. I handpieced and handquilted (mostly in a van share-riding to work) a baby quilt for my little girl — who is now in NYC. That baby quilt is one of her most treasured possessions. (sniffles)

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  5. One time while browsing an off-the-main road in a strange alley with funky and musty shops alongside odd studio homes in (of all places) the older part of Santa Monica – I discovered a neatly folded Blue and White unfinished Texas Star quilt top amidst a pile of fabric scraps in a basket for sale. As I knew I’d never ever attempt that sort of intense piecing, and all that was needed to finish it was to cut corner blocks, add backing and batting, quilt and sew on a binding, I was determined to get a good price on the top. Turns out, it was priced lower than what I thought I’d have to shell out! I’ve not ‘finished’ it yet, but it is still a precious find for me in my stash of UFO’s!!!

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  6. Oh, my, *yes*!
    Much of everything in my house (and of my wardrobe) came from estate sales and thrift shops!
    So many amazing, beautiful, fun, or, just plain useful, things have been discovered at these sales!… And, it’s like you told Stacy, above… just enjoy!… It’s really a lot like fishing… you just never know!
    (There’ve been so many wonderful “finds”, Tierney… It’d be fun, to sit with you and a pot of tea and tell about a few of them!)
    Pat T.

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  7. Thrift store finds are the best! I found some original 30’s fabrics that I have used in a few quilts. I also like to buy and re-use old floral table cloths, some of which have stains on them. Depending on the project, I just cut around the stains and make something memorable.

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  8. Thrift stores are my favorite. The DAV here have sales on Sunday. I bought fabric for 25cents. Then I found a Goodwill outlet. Sound crazy? Imagine the old I Love Lucy show where Lucy and Ethel go to a sale and everyone is grabbing things. This is it on steroids. I got a bold of white fabric for 89 cents. They sell things by the pound. Love them. Also Freecycle.org

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    1. 25 cent fabric – wow! A Goodwill Outlet?!?!? Oh my goodness! That does sound crazy! I loved the “I Love Lucy Show” and I remember that! Thanks so much for your comments they made me smile!


  9. I know it’s not an exciting sounding find, but when I ran across an old non-steam iron with solid soleplate and a cloth cord (for $5) I was ecstatic to find an iron that would get HOT again. It’s heavy and makes my arm tired but in short bits, it’s wonderful!

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  10. Oh yes! There’s one in my neighbourhood, and if my thrifty senses start tingling as I walk past, I know I’ll find something good if I go inside for a look! The latest scoop was a heap of mugs, cups and saucers in a discontinued pattern that my Mum has at home. She was delighted!


  11. Oh darn I came back too late for this! Congrats to the winner anyway. My favorite thrift store finds were bags of ties (they called them rags) for real cheap, and also a couple of framed cross stitch pieces also for real cheap.


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