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Terry the Quilting Husband

I have some very sad news, my husband of many years also known as “Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH)” on this blog unexpectedly passed away last evening.

My blog will be an indefinite hiatus while I deal with my grief, take care.

49 thoughts on “Terry the Quilting Husband”

  1. Oh no, this is absolutely awful news. I am so sorry for you, from how you wrote about him in your blog posts this is a terrible loss. I wish you strength and hope you get lots of support from your family and friends.

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  2. What horrific news. I’m so sorry to hear this. Your posts with him made him seem like a great guy. I will miss you and your posts while you deal with the many challenges ahead.

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  3. Oh Tierney,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. That’s just so big. I’m sending you deep breaths and love. Please take the time you need to allow space to acclimate and allow healing. Slow and easy. ♥️❤️♥️

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  4. Tierney, I am so sorry. He was a wonderful man, so devoted to you. Please accept my thoughts and prayers for you. I hope you are surrounded with family and friends.
    Mary Stieiwg

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  5. Sometimes, when grieving has paralyzed me, I’ve found quilting to be slightly comforting. I made a grief quilt after my mother died five years ago. My son (now 22, but a deeply grieving 18 at the time) has that quilt on his bed. Other times, I’ve found that grief needed a voice but got tired of my own sounds. If you need/want a friend who will listen, day or night, to anything you have to say, contact me. If you find you need an online group of women who have experienced life-altering depression, contact me. If you don’t know what you need and just want to scream, contact me. Much love from a moderately quiet but loyal reader. ~Cate

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  6. Tierney, I’m so, so sorry to hear of your loss and wish you all the best thoughts. You bring so much joy to other people with your work, writing and comments, and I hope some of that comes back to you in the form of some comfort through these times. All my best wishes for you.

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