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Fancy Tiger Crafts, Denver CO

As promised in my previous post, this post will be about TEXTILES!

A couple of months ago, my dear quilting sister Dana was visiting the Denver, Colorado area (see post Greetings from Colorado) and we got together with her and her daughter Kaite (and darling grandchild) and went to a magical crafting shop in downtown Denver – Fancy Tiger Crafts.


This was my first visit to this shop as I am new to the Denver Metropolitan area.

Upon entering the shop, I quickly realized that if your needs are related to the textile arts – they have it: spinning, knitting, needlework, other needle arts, dressmaking, quilting, bag making, etc.


Here detailed look inside their shop (which we suspect is outside the normal space-time continuum because we spent a lot longer in the shop that we thought we did…).

Knitting, Spinning, Crocheting, Felting, Wool Craft


And don’t forget the spinning wheel!


Dressmaking & Garment Sewing




Other Fun Stuff in the Shop

The shop also had all sort of fun things – like cool tote bags:


And Crafter Merit Badges!


I bought this one:


I loved the decor – here are a couple images of the fun and funky decorations in the shop:


Photos of Friends Shopping

Here are a couple photos of my friend Dana delightfully shopping at Fancy Tiger Crafts for the first time:


Her talented crafter daughter Kaite and Kaite’s delightful 4 year old daughter selected this fabric during our shopping adventure for matching outfits:


We tried to leave the shop after we made our initial purchases several times. Something kept drawing us back as we tried to leave the shop. I think we revisited the counter/register at least twice!

A Return Visit

After my initial visit, which I did post some photos from on my @tierneycreates Instagram account, my Central Oregon friends Wendy and Pat sent me gift cards for Fancy Tiger Crafts!

So a couple of weeks ago I returned on my own and bought some goodies:


All pieces are canvas weight and I am thinking about some cool pouches or tote bags with these remnants.


If you’ve following my blog for a while and Dana’s name sounds familiar, she has been featured in several other posts include the series of posts – Tula Time! (someday I need to post her completed Tula Pink All Stars quilt as well as my friend Judy’s completed quilt); and more recently Fabric Fangirl Frenzy.

38 thoughts on “Fancy Tiger Crafts, Denver CO”

  1. Loved discovering this amazing little shop with you and Kaite! There are so many goodies in it! Can’t wait for our next trip back! Thanks for sharing Tierney! Xo

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  2. This one’s a new place for me – will check it out when we get back home sometime for sure.
    Merit badges are even better than those cool license plates you can buy at ‘row-by-row’ quilt stores. I hope they start a new trend as it would make for a fun and less pressured way to do a quilt-hop.
    Glad you had a friend to share those good times with – I’m sure the store loves your company (purchases) too!

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  3. I’m warning you:next time I’m in denver I might show up on your doorstep & kidnap you for a tour of this store. But not to worry..My husband usually keeps me tethered in the airport to stay on schedule.

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  4. Thanks for sharing Tierney. I miss you girls and all the fun that comes along with a trip to a quilt/yarn shop.


  5. The only time I went to the quilt / yarn section was for a rescue mission. My favorite sweater had a hole in it, and I was not going to continue winter without that sweater. So, I got one of those gigantic knitting needles, that really looked like a weapon, and I saved that sweater.

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