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Peg, Peg, Pegboard

Yup. So much for my plans to do daily postings to my blog. I even asked Mike the Miniature Schnauzer, who guest blog posted on Sunday 2/21/21, to fill in like he did in the post Guest Blogger: Obsession with Making Crocheted Dishcloths, but he was busy napping and still seems irritated over some dishcloth-crocheting-while-riding-in-the-car incident… (I have a hashtag I use on Instagram sometimes for posted pictures of Mike: #miniatureschnauzerfirstworldproblems).

Rulers Gone Awry

This is probably not unusual but as a quilter I have a lot of different rulers and templates. I have the standard cutting rulers and then I have special rulers and templates I’ve collected over the years for various projects (or being lured by a demo at a quilt shop into buying a ruler/template I thought I might need someday!). 

My organization of these rulers and templates was sort of haphazard and irritating to me. I thought that adding pegboard to my crafting studio would help resolve this – so I consulted with my partner John, aka “Mr. Woodworker” and he figured out a solution.

First he installed a floating shelf he built above where the pegboard was to be placed:

Then he cut the pegboard to fit the area of wall; and painted the pegboard to match the wall:

And then he installed the pegboard. Here is my original set up with the pegboard hooks and pegboard baskets were bought:

At first I tried giving tierneycreates Beastie and her dog Mikelet (see series of post Beastie Adventures) their own little balcony on the pegboard wall but they did not like it.

So I moved her to another area on my studio (she will probably do a guest post in the future to show you her new home and other changes to my studio) and repurposed that “balcony”:

The pegboard has been wonderful to organize my commonly used and miscellaneous rulers. For now I still keep my very large rulers (like my 15″ x 15″ ruler) on my cutting table:

“Mr. Woodworker” is building me a new cutting table in the future which will have slots for my large rulers underneath the cutting surface!


My friend Dana was inspired by my new pegboard and recently she had her husband install one in her studio!

At first she was going to have the pegboard painted a neutral color like the color of her studio walls, but then she decided she wanted a pop of color:

I think she did an amazing job organizing her pegboard! Thanks to Dana for sharing images of her new pegboard.

39 thoughts on “Peg, Peg, Pegboard”

  1. Great idea! Scissors are a natural to hang from a board and it clears up the horizontal surfaces. What a wonderful workspace in yours and in your friend’s places. “Mr. Woodworker” is a handy guy to have around!

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  2. I am green with envy ~ for having a well organised space, somewhere to hang those things that usually don’t have a home and a handyman who obviously loves creating these things for you. Your new cutting table is going to be outrageously good!

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  3. Wow, you both have a lot of rulers! I may have a bit of ruler-envy now. 😉 Pegboards are great for organising your sewing room and reduce the amount of time looking for tools.

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  4. Oh my gosh – your pegboard and shelf are amazing! And your friend’s is lovely too! What a great way to organize your tools – can’t wait to see your new table with it’s storage solutions 🙂

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  5. Very cool pegboard! It must be so handy to have all the rulers and scissors at a glance, on the wall. Cool scissor/shears collection, too! This workspace is such a lovely handmade creative headquarters! 🙂


  6. The peg board is a great idea! I am due for a fancy cutting table when we move to our new house, so would you ask the woodworker if he’ll send me info on what he does? I anticipate my woodworker may do something similar 🙂


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