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Did something awesome – took an in person crafting class!

It’s been years since I’ve taken an in person quilting or crafting class.

I moved from Oregon to Colorado in April 2019 and a month later I met my partner John at a widow/widowers grief support group. The rest of 2019 was spent settling into Colorado and into my first new relationship in over 30 years. Then in 2020 the pandemic hit and you know the rest about all those fun lockdown times.

Once lockdown lifted, my partner John suggested (as did my longtime quilting friend Judy, who got me into quilting) that I find a local quilting community and maybe take some classes, etc. For some reason I just did not feel ready but I did go with John to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Shop Hop in August 2021 (see series of posts Rocky Mountain Quilt Shop Hop 2021, Part I, Rocky Mountain Quilt Shop Hop 2021, Part II, Rocky Mountain Quilt Shop Hop 2021, Part III. and Rocky Mountain Quilt Shop Hop 2021, Part IV) for the first time and discovered during the shop hop Treelotta quilt shop.

Treelotta just felt like it was “my place” and the staff is so awesome. It has incredibly positive and creative vibe. I found out about classes on my first visit but was not quite ready to purse it yet.

Then I returned in October when my friend Judy visited and found out about their Open Sew Nights and upcoming classes as well as talked to one of their class facilitators and I just knew it was time/the right place to find my quilting community.

The funny think is it is about a 30 min drive from my house (or more depending on traffic), and there is a much closer quilt shop to my house, but that closer shop does not have a good vibe (actually I call that quilt shop “The Grumpy Quilt Shop” because no matter how many times I’ve been in there they remain unfriendly).

So last night I took a bag making class at Treelotta – we worked on the Range Backpack by Noodlehead.

Image credit – Noodlehead.com

Here is the teacher’s sample, which looked more amazing in person as I do not think my photos do it justice:

The other students were working on some amazing backpacks such as this one:

I had not properly prepared for class (I am out of practice of attending in person classes) but here is the main fabric for my backpack and the straps I was working on:

The teacher and the support staff person (who found items for us we needed, handled any additional purchases, etc) were awesome.

But what made the class really awesome was the other students! I met so many fun, talented and wonderful crafters with an age range from 30s to 70s. I cannot put into words how wonderful it was to take the class and meet other creative people in the Denver metropolitan area.

I am going back – I am planning to attend Open Sew next week and take the next Noodlehead bag making class in December! Below is the class sample for that class:

But one bag at a time – first I have to finish the backpack (will of course share photos in a future post) before I think about starting my next bag.

34 thoughts on “Did something awesome – took an in person crafting class!”

  1. I can feel the excitement in your post. Yay, to finding your quilting community! Those bags look beautiful, especially the teacherโ€™s sample. Happy quilting in your new community. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. What a wonderful experience. When you find the right shop you just know it; it feels homey and familiar. There is one yarn shop in town and I have never had a good experience there. Never. I would drive the extra hour. Those bags are so fabulous.

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  3. Never went into Treelotta…so happy you ventured in and came out knowing that was ‘your’ place!
    Since my sister-friend lives in Golden, I’ve come to love The Golden Quilt Company…I’m sure you’ve been there.
    Curious: can you give a hint on which one was the ‘unfriendly one’ near where you live?

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  4. That looks like quite an involved project; I would definitely need a class to help me figure it out.
    I am glad you found a welcoming group. Fortunately for me, the most welcoming group/shop I have found is the closest one to me!

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  5. In person is the best, being able to ask questions, share knowledge, the laughs and giggles, and just be with people. I am lucky that I have done crafty workshops with my carers group but the time will come when I need to find my fabric community. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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  6. Fabulous backpack, love love love the fabric! And what fun, an ‘in person’ class – that sounds like almost back to ‘normal’ !! Goodbye pandemic, albeit cautiously

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  7. Classes can be so fun, especially with a good group. Seeing how others approach the same pattern is interesting. Those bags are quite tempting but I am trying hard to limiting myself to quilting. I look forward to seeing your finished bag.

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  8. Yes, so much fun to meet other creatives that speak your language! That backpack looks very nice, can’t wait to see your version of it.

    I participate in my guilds online quilting bee and it’s a decent substitute but I miss touching other people’s quilts. Good that you’re going back soon.

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  9. How wonderful that you have found your place and a group you really click with. That is something really special for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, your bag is awesome so far – can’t wait to see it finished! You are so creating and so wonderful at sewing!


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