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Loved (or mugged) by a Lab

I mentioned in my previous post that I was in Northern California (small town outside of Sacramento) visiting friends Kathy and Matt this past weekend, and I would share some stories/photos from that visit.

This post is sort of inspired by my blogging friend Beth’s blog Lessons from a Lab, where she blends her spirtuality with life lessons from her labrador retriever.

Labrador Retrievers are smart, loving and amazing dogs and although I’ve never owned…no wait – “partnered” seems more appropriate…with one, they are one of my favorite dog breeds (but don’t tell Mike my Miniature Schnauzer).

Matt and Kathy have a chocolate lab named Riley that I’ve known since she was a puppy. I visited them in April 2019 (see series of posts California Quilting Sisters Adventures, Part I, California Quilting Sisters Adventures, Part II, and California Quilting Sisters Adventures, Part III) and Kathy and Matt had just adopted Riley, so I spent quite a bit of my visit snuggling with their new puppy (and we took the pup many places with us even breweries):

Kathy and Matt assigned me to be Riley’s “Dog Godmother” and she has always had a special place in my heart since then!

Okay so now the subject of this post: When I took my partner John with me to visit Matt and Kathy for the first time, Riley fell in love with him. I have this wonderful series of photos I wanted to share with you of John being loved/mugged by Riley which seemed to be a pure moment of JOY for the both of them!

When a lab wants to love on you, they go all in! John could barely control all that loving at one time – ha!

I’ll close this post with a sort of calmer photo of Riley from the trip – here I am attempting to do whiskey tasting while acknowledging Riley (and not both successfully)!

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  1. Tierney, I was so excited when I read your title (it made me laugh out loud) that I couldn’t wait to read what you wrote. Your words, “When a lab wants to love on you, they go all in!” are spot on. Labby love consumes every fiber of their body. I’m glad John got the full Labrador experience. I’m completely humbled that Lessons from a Lab helped inspire this post. Riley is absolutely beautiful and the pictures of the two of you together are precious.

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  2. I absolutely loved reading your blog about our recent visit. Smiling at all the love that Riley showed Mo (Amadeo). She thought she could get away with almost anything, including sampling some of Mo’s fantastic cooking. For example, Biscuits and gravy and of course some did not make it into the oven but instead in Rileys mouth. Also as Mo turned for one second, Riley had to sample the pasta dough that Mo was kneading with his hands and left unattended for a nano second. This created some excitement in the kitchen and now Mo is known as “Mo-Dough”. Thanks for being total dog people and letting our lab love the heck out of the 2 of you.

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  3. Ow – my heart! Great post! I love the pictures of Riley both as a puppy and now. How great that she and John bonded too ๐Ÿ™‚ And so lovely that you got to spend time with her too. And your friends too, of course!

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