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Attempting to Embrace Christmas and Holiday Baking

If you are new to this blog, here is a little background – in December 2018 my husband died. In December 2017 my beloved mother in law died. In December 2017 my greatest dog love of all time, Sassy the Highly Opinionated Miniature Schnauzer died. My late husband’s birthday is in early December and our wedding anniversary is in late December.

So as you can imagine December is always a challenging month for me. Christmas was always my most favorite holiday (I enjoyed planning for Christmas starting in June or earlier); but my husband died 12 days before Christmas 2018. To add to the unfortunate event, I found him on the floor next to the Christmas tree.

I know this seems like a very morbid opening for a blog post but I just wanted to provide background/perspective for the rest of this post, not to scare you away from reading any further!

After making it through the 3rd anniversary of my late husband’s passing, I realized that I wanted to “take back Christmas” and I was tired of being unrelentingly sad during December. Christmas was my favorite holiday and I needed a way to enjoy it again and not associate it with one of the darkest times of my life.

So we got a Christmas tree and I decorated for the holidays more than I’ve done since my husband passed.

A got a little creative on how to make the TV more festive by adding holiday bunting…

My partner John and I decorated the tree with the collection of ornaments we kept from our previous lives and some new ones we’ve purchased together. Most of my ornaments are schnauzer themed…

Whole lot of schnauzers trimming the tree

John also hung Christmas lights on the front of the house and I placed a Christmas wreath on the front door for the first time together.

In addition to making the house holiday festive, I also did a bunch of holiday baking in anticipation of having John’s immediate family over for Christmas Eve (Originally we had planned to go to the East Coast of the US to spend Christmas with my family, but there is some virus raging…have you heard of it???).

I made Molasses Crinkle cookies, Crispy Chocolate Chip cookies, Lemon Squares, and a Pumpkin Roll.

Here is the messy kitchen during my baking fest:

Here are the cookies I made:

Here are the yummy lemon squares I made:

You’ll see one of the lemon squares above has a bite taken out of it. Well I had to make sure it was not poisonous!

I used my cookbooks for the cookies and lemon squares but for the Pumpkin Roll I used one of my blogging buddy’s (In Diane’s Kitchen) recipe which had awesome directions and worked out very well: Libby’s Pumpkin Roll

Here is the pumpkin roll in progress (this is the second time I’ve made it and I am getting better at the whole jelly roll process):

And the Pumpkin Roll ready to serve our holiday guests:

We also did the “Hot Chocolate Bombs” again this year (see post from last Christmas about these – December, Christmas and “Bombs”). This year for our “Hot Chocolate Bombs” we had awesome chocolate sprinkle like things to decorate them from my blogging buddy in the Netherlands, Emmely @Infectious Stitches (see post The Itty-Bitty Hat and Fun Surprises in the Mail).

Here is the whole Christmas Eve dessert spread which includes a bakery bought Lemon Meringue pie and store bought handmade marshmallows:

We did have an actual Christmas Eve meal before the dessert (smile). I set a festive table along with English style Christmas Crackers at each place setting. Of course I forgot to take a photo of the holiday table but use your imagination.

I’ll close this post with a picture of my partner John getting ready to make the gravy for the Prime Rib he made for Christmas Eve dinner, while wearing the paper crown he got from his Christmas Cracker:

27 thoughts on “Attempting to Embrace Christmas and Holiday Baking”

  1. Wow, you did more to “take back” Christmas than I did for my Blah Christmas. I just wasn’t into doing anything this year. Forced myself to decorate, didn’t put up a tree, made some baked treats that didn’t turn out so great (maybe the oven sensed my mood), and didn’t buy a single gift. Yeah, bah humbug!

    Anyway, I’m glad to see you’re working in some bright spots to what must be a really tough time for you…and if you happen to have any extra cookies or lemon bars, I’ll send you my address : )

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  2. I don’t do holidays but I enjoy seeing people who do, find them fun and fulfilling. I’m glad to see you smiling (I know there aren’t photos of you actually yet I’m feeling it). Best wishes for 2022.

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  3. I am glad you are finding joy in Christmas again! I feel more festive just looking at your great dessert spread and all the cute ornaments on your tree, especially that practically life-size caribou! 🙂

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  4. I’m with ya on ‘reclaiming Christmas’ – on your own terms! Looks like a spectacular comeback, Tierney.
    This year, I baked up 5 types of cookies to make up Christmas Cookie Plates for our neighbors on our street – 8 in all. I haven’t done that since the kids were in High School!!!! It felt so freeing to ‘be me’ but not feel like it has to be done every year – ya know?
    BTW: those choco bombs are very intriguing but I have to admit, I’d go for the lemon bars first, hands down!

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