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Granny Squaring Again!

In November 2020 I finished my first crocheted “Granny Square” blanket after teaching myself via YouTube videos to make a granny square:

I’ve been itching to work on granny squares again – they are a portable hand work project and great to keep your hands busy while riding in the car, waiting around, or just sitting about watching television in the evening.

In my yarn stash I found some variegated yarn and some coordinating yarns that I thought would make a cool granny square blanket:

Here are the centers I started making:

And here are the granny squares in progress and completed:

I have two different types: 1) center green, surrounded by variegated yarn, framed by rust colored yarn; and 2) center rust, surrounded by variegated yarn, framed by green yarn.

I will update you on my progress on the blanket as it progresses!

27 thoughts on “Granny Squaring Again!”

  1. Love a granny square! I dug out a granny square WIP just the other day and have been working on a blanket over the last few days too. For me, definitely a snuggly project – can’t wait til mine’s finished – esp as it was started probably more than 8 years ago! I think I may be queen of the UFOs amongst my crafting friends.

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  2. Granny squares are the best! Like your squares, above they highlight variegated yarns superbly – which is fun in itself. They also lend themselves to a quilter’s sense of design & order, yet offer plenty of ops for being ‘scrappy’ – my personal fav way of quilting and crocheting.

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