Welcome to tierneycreates!

Welcome to tierneycreates, a fusion of textiles and smiles. Here you will find my textile/fiber art creations as well as stories from a crafter’s life that might bring a smile to your face.

The storyteller is the person who creates an atmosphere in which wisdom reveals itself – Barry Lopez

I use two mediums to tell stories: 1) via my fiber/textile creations as you will find in my Portfolio  (if you would like to see a sampling of all my crafts, check out my Gallery page); and 2) via the written word on my tierneycreates Blog

Meet the “Tierney” of tierneycreates

I love all things related to handmade crafting!  My first name is unusual – “Tierney”. I was named after the semi-obscure actress Gene Tierney – my parents gave me her last name as my first name!

2018-03-10_07-55-51_474Originally from New York, I’ve lived in Texas, the Pacific Northwest, and I now live in the Greater Denver Metro area. In 1999 I began quilting as a distraction from the rainy winters in Seattle, Washington.  My friend Judy D. convinced me try quilting. I made it through my first quilt, mentored by my friend Judy.

After completing my first quilt, I was not sure if this would be my hobby.  Then on a whim, I made a second quilt, this time for my sister, who did not know I had started quilting. My sister received the quilt in the mail and called me with tears of joy and stated: “I did not know anyone loved me that much”.

I was deeply touched, now understanding the power of quilts and handmade items from the heart…and I was hooked! Since 1999, I have completed over 150+ quilting and fiber projects and I have another 100+ projects in “queue” that I hope to make in the near future. Over the years I’ve evolved from a traditional quilter to exploring art quilting with a focus on improvisational design and storytelling. Several years ago I had the honor of being invited to join the Women of Color Quilting Network (WCQN) and have participated in several of their amazing shows.

The tierneycreates Blog discusses my artistic journey as well as 2018-09-14_14-22-34_258the the many aspects of a “Crafter’s Life” including sources of creative inspiration, what’s on my design wall, quality of life, quilting retreats, artistic growth, outside adventures, books that inspire me, and all things related to handmade textile crafts. Occasionally on my I have “guest bloggers” to include my miniature schnauzer Mike; or my alter-ego the tierneycreates Beastie (created by Helen @crawcraftsbeasties.com).

My Exhibit and Events page has a listing of the shows I’ve participated in (by invitation or juried) and special honors like being selected to be part of the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture Ethnic Artist Roster.  The News page contains any big news from my textile adventures!

Thanks for joining me at tierneycreates!

Fusing textiles & smiles,

Tierney 🙂


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