11 thoughts on “Schnauzer Snips

  1. Cindy Anderson says:

    Hahaha……I was hooked after the first sentence; toooooo funny!!! I found myself completely hooked on Schnauzer Snips…..you’re a terrific writer for if I didn’t know better, I would’ve guessed that Snicker and/or Sassy gave you every word to type – Hilarious!!

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  2. torbengb says:

    I can only agree with you: it is plain to see that Black Kitty is a package of pure evil. Preying on innocent birdies, not even stopping at those dazed victims. No sportsmanship there. Dogs should rule the world with their benevolence with cats as lowest servants! Go dogs! Boo cats!

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  3. Karin@MSRNorthwest says:

    I had no idea when Sassy came into rescue that she had such a great sense of humor! She has really blossomed at your home, I think it’s all the quilts. I applaud her plans for world domination and wish her the best of luck. I am so very proud of her.

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