Meet the “Tierney” in tierneycreates 

Welcome to tierneycreates! Thank you for checking out my blog! I love all things related to handmade crafting!  I have an usual first name – “Tierney”. I was named after the semi-obscure actress Gene Tierney – my parents gave me her last name as my first name!

2018-03-10_07-55-51_474Originally from New York, I moved to the Pacific NW (Seattle) in 1997 and I now live in the Greater Denver Metro area. In 1999 I began quilting as a distraction from the rainy winters in Seattle.  My friend Judy D. convinced me try quilting. I made it through my first quilt, mentored by my friend Judy.

After completing my first quilt, I was not sure if this would be my hobby.  Then on a whim, I made a second quilt, this time for my sister, who did not know I had started quilting. My sister received the quilt in the mail and called me with tears of joy and stated: “I did not know anyone loved me that much”.

I was deeply touched, now understanding the power of quilts and handmade items from the heart…and I was hooked! Since 1999, I have completed over 150+ quilting and fiber projects and I have another 100+ projects in “queue” that I hope to make in the near future.

Over the years I’ve evolved from a traditional quilter to exploring art quilting with a focus on improvisational design and storytelling. You can check out my art quilt stories on my Art Quilt Stories page.

Everyone needs a hobby (and furry creatures to hang out with crafting). We all need a diversion from the daily challenges life throws our way.

Fusing textiles and smiles,



Feature photo credit: Photo by Daniel Norris on Unsplash