Welcome to tierneycreates, a “fusion of textiles and smiles”. Here you will find many stories and hopefully  some might bring a smile to your face (or brighten your existing smile).

I use two mediums to tell stories: 1) via the written word on my tierneycreates Blog, and 2) via my fiber/textile creations as you will find on my Art Quilt Stories page.

My fiber/textile art is created with a single or ongoing story in mind. These stories originate from my life experiences, observations, struggles, dreams and hopes. The earth and its inhabitants are very precious to me and I want to do work that contributes to environmental conservation efforts. I primarily use recycled textiles in my art to include recycled clothing, textile manufacturing samples and scraps, and discards from others quilt-making. My focus is on improvisational design: The fabric itself and creative inspiration guide me to allow the piece to evolve organically and become what it wants to become. Currently I have four (4) story series for my textile art: Recycled HopeColor Stories, Special Stories, and Nature Stories. You can view my Art Quilt Story Series on my page – Art Quilt Stories.

To learn more about me, see my page The “Tierney” and meet the “Tierney” in tierneycreates!

The tierneycreates Blog discusses my artistic journey as well as the the many aspects of a “Crafter’s Life” including sources of creative inspiration, what’s on my design wall, quality of life, quilting retreats, artistic growth, outside adventures, books that inspire me, and all things related to handmade textile crafts.

In addition to stories on my Blog, my Textile Adventures page provides a summary in chronological order of the highlights of my artistic journey to date.

Fusing textiles & smiles,

Tierney 🙂

The tierneycreates-Beastie and her dog Mikelet (created by Helen @ crawcraftsbeasties.com)
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