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March 2023

My quilt Langston Hughes: Pioneer Poet is one of the quilts featured on the California Museum’s Upcoming Exhibits page. Below are screenshots from the web on a computer and then on a mobile app:

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 9.06.11 AM

The exhibit runs June 17th – October 1st 2023.

February 2023

Langston Hughes: Pioneer Poet currently exhibiting at the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia (outside of Atlanta, GA) as part of the WCQN show Black Pioneers: Legacy in the American West
January 28 – May 21, 2023, curated by Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi.

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 1.04.57 PM

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 1.07.00 PM

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 1.08.27 PMScreenshot 2023-03-10 at 1.08.50 PM

January 2023

Recycled Hope III: Windows of Conversation now hangs in Building A, L7 at the Mason & Main residential complex in downtown Seattle –



Please see the post Oh So That’s What Happened to It! for additional details including a screen shot from the promotional Mason & Main Apartments YouTube video .

October 2022

Recycled Hope IV: Recycled Windows has been selected for the New Mexico Arts Art in Public Places Program.


The notification I received by e-mail from Public Art Program Coordinator stated:

“Your submission has been selected to be part of Prospectus #268 Southwest Artist Series Purchase Initiative. The submitted artworks will be made available for purchase through the Art in Public Places Program. Your work will be shown to various sites throughout New Mexico with available 1% for public art funds. If your work is selected for purchase, I will contact you directly to begin the purchase process. The work will be made available for purchase for two years…”

Fingers crossed my art quilt gets selected for purchase! If I does I will need to get the art quilt (which measures 18 inches by 40 inches) professional framed and have it professionally installed at the location in New Mexico it was purchased for. An estimate of the cost to have this done was included in the price I proposed to New Mexico Arts.

September 2022


The initial show opening of the WCQN show Black Pioneers: Legacy in the American West (curated by Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi) was on September 3, 2022at the The James Museum, and it includes my quilt Langston Hughes, Pioneer Poet. The show runs through January 8, 2023; and then will travel to the following venues:

Please see these posts below for more information about the show and the opening weekend:





The exhibit catalogue for Black Pioneers: Legacy in the American West is now availble.


My quilt Langston Hughes, Pioneer Poet is on pages 98 – 99.


If you’d like to purchase a copy of the exhibit catalogue for Black Pioneers: Legacy in the American West, please use this link – gift shop at the James Museum .

August 2022

Langston Hughes, Pioneer Poet is features on the SAQA website’s announcement about the show:

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 9.44.21 PM

June 2022

The Women of Color Quilting Network (WCQN) show at the The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art does not open until September 2022 but the museum had a recent fundraising event for the exhibition and Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi the head of the WCQN attended and took photos.

Included in the photos she shared on her Facebook page was an image of my quilt Langston Hughes, Pioneer Poet.


For additional information, see my post Update on the Langston Hughes quilt.

April 2022

After the show Black Pioneers: Legacy in the American West opens at The James Museum (show runs September 3, 2022 – January 8, 2023), it will begin a national tour through 2025. According to Collections Manager at The James Museum, my piece Langston Hughes, Pioneer Poet will travel with the show to the following locations:

Additional venues into 2025 are currently being explored.

For additional information on my piece Langston Hughes, Pioneer Poet, please see my post Black Pioneers: Legacy in the American West (upcoming exhibit).

February 2022

Langston Hughes, Pioneer Poet was features on The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art’s Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 9.54.03 PM

November 2021

My quilt, Langston Hughes, Pioneer Poet, for the upcoming WCQN show Black Pioneers: Legacy in the American West was selected by The James Museum to be featured on their website for information about the upcoming exhibit –

image credit – The James Museum

See post Black Pioneers: Legacy in the American West (upcoming exhibit) for additional information.

October 2021

Recycled Hope III: Windows of Conversation was sold to an art consultant in Seattle, Washington on behalf of their client. Please see the post Another Recycled Fabric Art Quilt Sold for more details.


April 2021

  • @blkmakersmatter featured me on their Instagram page’s Maker Monday at the end of April. Below are screenshots from their feed.

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 10.48.37 AM

February 2021

Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 10.07.22 PM


Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 3.45.41 PM

October 2020


Here is what the representative from New Mexico Arts informed me in the acceptance letter:

Photos/videos that you submitted of your artwork will be placed in a slideshow presentation. This presentation will be shown to potential buyers across the state of New Mexico over the next two years. These sites can include: amphitheaters, animal shelters, community centers, courthouses, educational institutions, fire stations, healthcare facilities, recreation complexes, rest areas, senior centers, etc. Participating sites will have a total budget equal to 1% of recent capital outlay funds appropriated for new construction or major renovation projects. If your artwork is selected by a site I will contact you to begin the purchasing process.

If selected I have to go to New Mexico and oversee the installation of the art quilt under plexiglass.

Summer 2020


Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 3.41.45 PM

  • Capitol Hill Mural, Seattle, WA – artist @salmakingstuff (Sally Lavengod) created a 4 sided mural of Colin Kaepernick, Fred Hampton, Malcom X, and Afeni Shakur on the corner of 12th and Spring in Capitol Hill in response to the BLM movement. To the mural she added Instagram handles of Black Artists who inspired her to include @tierneycreates:
Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 9.27.52 PM
Image credit: Sally Lavengood @salmakingstuff

Spring 2020

I noticed that City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture has updated their Portable Works website. The website now has all the images of the art quilts the City of Seattle purchased from me for their permanent collection on this website. If you search Tierney Davis Hogan you will see the works like this result below:

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 4.21.57 PM

My works are currently on page 86 of 186.

The City of Seattle’s Civic Art Collection was established in 1972. Today it includes more than 400 permanently sited/integrated artworks and over 3,200 portable artworks. The artworks in the collection are commissioned through a public process with panels comprised of visual artists along with community and city representatives. (

Winter 2020

  • Request to use my textile art to inspire art students

In December 2019 I received a request from Deborah Kapoor an artist and art teacher in Seattle, WA to use an image of my piece Random Not So Random as inspiration for her art students. She wrote:

Hi Tierney, I teach painting and drawing at South Seattle College, and wanted to share your beautiful work with students. If you are open to the idea, I would just need a high res image sent to me, and I plan to print on 11 x 17 inch paper and laminate, sort of like a mini-poster, for the art room. I think it would really inspire the students! The piece I am interested in is Color Story III: Random, Not so Random

I sent her a high resolution image which she printed into a poster and put on her “wall of fame” in her classroom. Here is a partial image she sent me of that wall (other artists work edited out of image):

IMG_0043She stated the student were enjoying the inspiration.

  • Update to Ethnic Artist Roster

In November 2017 I was juried into the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture’s Ethnic Artist Roster (see post Ethnic Artist Roster). The Office of Arts & Culture updated their Ethnic Artist Roster website and now each artist has their own page.

Tierney Davis Hogan

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 4.37.28 PMScreen Shot 2020-08-18 at 4.37.45 PMScreen Shot 2020-08-18 at 4.37.59 PM

April 2019

  • First Solo Show: The Wardrobe Meets the Wall: Art Quilts Created from Recycled Clothing & Garment Manufacturing Samples

Please see my post Solo Show Seattle Municipal Tower, Part II for more details.

My first solo show will feature 12 of my art quilts made from recycled materials and opens April 18, 2019 at the Seattle Municipal Tower in Downtown Seattle, Washington.


March 2019

  • Giant Among the Sequoias in the “Yours for Race and Country: Reflections on the Life of Colonel Charles Young”

This exhibit opens on March 16, 2019 and the exhibit will run from  through August 17, 2019 at the National Afro-American Museum in historic Wilberforce, Ohio.

2020-06-18_14-17-58_084My piece is part of the book on the exhibit:


January 2019

  • Soulful: A National Exhibition of African American Artists

One of my early recycled silk art quilts, Color Study I: Flying Triangles, was juried into the national Art Show – “Soulful: A National Exhibition of African American Artists”.

It opens February 7th and runs through February 28th at the d’Art Center in Norfolk, VA.


November 2018

  • Visioning Human Rights Book

The book for the WCQN show, Visioning Human Rights in the New Millennium: Quilting the World’s Conscience will be released on February 28, 2019. My quilt, The Lesson & The Equation will be one of the quilts featured in this book for the exhibit.

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 2.10.54 PM

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 2.11.21 PM


Here is the link for –Visioning Human Rights in the New Millennium: Quilting the World’s Conscience by Carolyn Mazloomi, PhD

October 2018

  • NYC Show!

My secret dream, to show a piece of my art at a New York City gallery has been realized.

My piece, Seeds (2017) a banner from the 2017 Women’s March, inspired by a Mexican proverb, is showing as part of the exhibit Still They Persist from the FemFour at the LMAKgallery on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, New York City from October 17, 2018 – November 3, 2018. See the post “Seeds” and My Secret Dream for more details.


September 2018

  • The Lesson & The Equation Featured on Brussels Based Human Rights Website

My piece, The Lesson and The Equation is featured on the website of the Brussels, Belgium based organization Human Rights 70For more information, please see my post International Exposure for The Lesson and The Equation.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 8.42.12 AM

August 2018

  • First Women of Color Quilting Network (WCQN) Show

The Lesson & The Equation debuts at its first WCQN show on Friday August 17, 2018. To read the related post, please see Visioning Human Rights in the New Millennium, Part 1.


The Lesson and the Equation (2016) by Tierney Davis Hogan. Image courtesy of Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi.

The show opens August 17, 2018 at the Filton  for Creative Arts Centerin Hamilton, Ohio. The show is based on the United Nations (U.N.) Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Show participants had to select one of the thirty (30) Articles in this declaration and make a 50″ x 50″ quilt inspired by the Article.

Here is the show postcard for the Women of Color Quilting Network (WCQN) show Human Rights in the New Millennium: Quilting the World’s Conscience:


April 2018

  • Speaking Engagement

On April 19, 2018 I was the featured speaker at our monthly Central Oregon SAQA (art quilting) group meeting. I did a presentation on the Women of Color Quilting Network (WCQN) and the 2017 Quilters Take Manhattan (QTM) event I attended in NYC in September 2017.

Please see the post Speaking Engagement for more information.

November 2017

  • City of Seattle Ethnic Artist Roster

Ethnic Artist Roster, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture – in November 2017 I was juried by the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture panel to be listed on their Ethnic Artist Roster.


I was juried into this roster by Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture panel. They notified me on 11/1/17 and I received the following information about the Office of Arts & Culture panel’s decision:

Their decision was based on the following criteria:
• strength and artistic vision of past artworks
• creativity of approach
• resume
• experience with previous art exhibitions or projects

According to the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture the Ethnic Artist Roster “is a resource to anyone who is looking for artwork by artists of color or who wants to host a culturally relevant art exhibition. To contact an artist, please refer to their resume.”

July 2017

  • Pathways, Central Oregon SAQA Show

The Recycled Road recently appeared in three (3) recent Central Oregon SAQA shows:

    1. Pathways, Central Oregon SAQA  exhibit at Twigs Gallery, Sisters, Oregon, opening October 27, 2017, running through November 2017.
    2. Pathways, Central Oregon SAQA  exhibit at Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty Gallery, downtown Bend, Oregon, opening September 3, 2017 and running through October 3, 2017.
    3. Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, Special Exhibit, July 8, 2017.

2017-04-10_09-00-48_337-2 2

April 2017

  • Your Body of Water, Part II, April 5 – July 3, 2017

My art quilt Abandoned Water Structure is showing 04/05 – 07/03/17 at the Seattle Municipal Tower Gallery, Seattle, WA, as part of the Your Body of Water, Part II exhibit by the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture.

From the website:

Your Body of Water, Seattle Public Utilities’ (SPU) newest additions to their portable works collection, are a visual exploration of our connections to water and how it is protected and cared for by SPU. The poet Jourdan Keith, who created the theme, explained it to mean the following: “We are all bodies of water, connected to one another through the water web. Your Body of water is connected to streams, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and tides, to toilets and faucets…to present homes, childhood homes and ancestral ones by memory, by the water cycle, by stories.” The exhibition will feature 15 contemporary artworks ranging from paintings, photography, prints and sculpture.

October 2016


UPDATE: See the post “Ohio Shifted” Returns from Road Trip to PIQF for an update.

I was invited by Wendy Hill and Pat Pease, authors of  Creative Quilt Challenges (C&T Publishing, 2016) to participate in their invitational exhibit: Shape Shifting.

Creative Quilt Challenges is a Special Exhibit at the Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) , October 13-16, in Santa Clara, CaliforniaShape Shifting will be an exhibit within their Creative Challenges exhibit. Please see the post Creative Quilt Challenges: Shape Shifting for more information about the creation of this piece.



September 2016


Our Central Oregon SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) group is showing our Doors exhibit at Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty Gallery. My piece, Recycled Doors (2016), is in this show which opened during the First Friday Art Walk on 09/02/2015 and will run through September.




This show first opened at the 2016 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show as a special exhibit (see the post 2016 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Part II for more of the story on this exhibit and for photos of most the innovative art quilts in this show inspired by  the concept of a “door”).

August 2016


My art quilt – Abandoned Water Structure has been selected for purchase by the City of Seattle for the Seattle Public Utilities’ Portable Works Collection, part of the City of Seattle’s Public Art Collection 

Please see the post Seattle Public Utilities’ Portable Works Collection for more details.

Abandoned Water Structure (2016).

Brief synopsis of the program and what will happen to the artwork from the City of Seattle:

The artworks will be exhibitioned throughout the public spaces of Seattle Public Utilities in Seattle. These public spaces include lobbies, entry hallways, reception areas and conference rooms. In order to encourage involvement and understanding of the diversity of artwork in the collection, employees participate in the selection of artwork for their own areas. The artwork moves throughout the offices on a rotation basis, thereby increasing viewing opportunities of the art by employees and the general public. The collection is also occasionally borrowed by museums and galleries for exhibitions. 

July 2016


Recycled Door (2016) will debut at the 2016 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show on Saturday July 9, 2016. It will be part of the Central Oregon SAQA Exhibit – Doors.

Hogan_Tierney_Davis Recycled_Door 3040.jpg
Recycled Door (2016) by Tierney Davis Hogan.  Photo credit: Marion Shimoda.

May 2016


My work is part of the Summer Members’ Show opening at the Mott Gallery in Richmond, VA that opens June 4, 2016 and runs through June 19, 2016. Please see the post Mott Gallery Show Opening for additional details.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.04.51 PM.png

March 2016


The Collaboration opened at Twigs Gallery Friday March 25 and will run through April 2016. I had 4 pieces in the show. The show opened during the 4th Friday Art Quilt Walk in Sisters, Oregon.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.51.14 PM.png


December 2015


I was selected to be featured in the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Winter 2015 Edition of  Fiber Art Now a quarterly magazine for contemporary fiber arts and textiles. The ad is on page 30 of the Winter 2015, Vol. 5., Issue 2 edition of Fiber Art Now.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.24.03 PM

To read the whole story behind this ad, please see the post Good, but Embarrassing News.

November 2015


My piece, Archeological Dig: The Vessel, debuted in its first show at the QuiltWorks Gallery’s “November Inspirations: Small Quilt Show” which opened during the November First Friday Art Walk on 11/6/2015 and will be on display through the month of November. I designed and pieced this art quilt using recycled silk garment manufacturing samples set in a tonal variegated burnt orange cotton background. Inspired by the thought of the quilt representing something ancient that was unearthed, and I renamed the piece “Archeological Dig: The Vessel”.


October 2015


I have been invited to speak about blogging at the next Central Oregon SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) meeting and I am excited and honored. Here is the posting on the SAQA Oregon page by Jan Tetzlaff our Central Oregon SAQA Representative:

“Quilter, blogger and SAQA member Tierney Davis Hogan will present on how to write and promote a blog, as well as blogging etiquette at the Thursday, Oct. 15 meeting of the Central Oregon group. The meeting will be from 3-4:30 pm at the Stitchin’ Post in Sisters. As quilters we often work in isolation. Find out why the Internet and blogging can be a part of making connections in the creative world.”

“Death by PowerPoint” – only 23 slides, I did not torture the audience too much…

If you would like to read some of the highlights of presentation, please see my post Blogging for Quilters.

March 2015


I began entering art shows last year as part of my journey to someday (hopefully) become a professional artist. The juried shows (in order to be accepted into the show your piece is reviewed by a jury of experts and “juried in” or declined) I entered have been through the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Calls for Entries into shows. I have never entered a local juried show, until now.

Deschutes Public Library has an annual community read called A Novel Idea (all of Central Oregon is encouraged to read the same book and then the book’s author speaks at the annual Novel Idea book event). This year’s book was A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki.

As part of the annual Novel Idea celebration, an art show is held at the library for art inspired by the book. On a whim I entered this local art show and my piece Jiro’s Robe was juried in. Jiko’s Robe is the only textile art in the downtown library show, the rest of the pieces are paintings.

Niko's Secret Robe (2015). Pre-printed kimono panel with piecing by Tierney Davis Hogan. Quilted by T. Hogan. Jiko’s Secret Robe (2015). Pre-printed kimono panel with piecing by Tierney Davis Hogan. Quilted by T. Hogan.

Jiro’s Robe will be shown at the Downtown Branch of the Deschutes Public Library March to early June 2015.

October 2014


Color Change (2012) was accepted into the Pacific International Quilt Festival.

The Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) will be held October 16 – 19, 2014 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. According to the show’s website the show contains a ” collection of over 800 quilts and works of wearable and textile art” and is the largest quilt show on the West Coast.

Color Change (2012). Color Change (2012) by Tierney Davis Hogan. Photograph by Jeremy Koons.

April 2014


Random not so Random (2012) was selected to be shown at NEW DIRECTIONS ’14, Barrett Art Center’s 29th Annual National Juried Contemporary Art Exhibition. The New Directions ’14 exhibit will be on display from Saturday, September 27, 2014 through Saturday, November 8, 2014 in the historic Barrett Art Gallery 1850’s townhouse, located at 55 Noxon Street, Poughkeepsie, New York.


As exciting as the notification that one of my silk art quilts will be in a juried show, was with information about the distinguished juror for New Directions ’14 who selected the piece:  Lynne Warren, Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago, IL. “Random not so Random” was selected as one of 82 works by 74 artists from a total of 653 eligible entries from 202 artists nationwide.

I shared news of getting into this show with an artist/painter friend in NY and he said: “Of the few places to show throughout NY outside of NYC, the Barrett Art Center is pretty prestigious, and to be selected by a juror with such an illustrious affiliation:  you should be walking on air.”  I am walking on air!

Designed and Pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan. Quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe. Photography by Jeremy Koons. Designed and Pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan. Quilted by Guadalupe Designs. Photography by Jeremy Koons.

June 2014 – April 2015


In June 2014 received some wonderful news  – images from five of my quilts are going to be in a new art/quilting book: 1000 Quilting Inspirations by Sandra  Sider. It will be published by Quarry Books and is due for publication mid Dec 2014 or early January 2015. The book is already listed on the Quarry Books website and you can view it from this link 1000 Quilt Inspirations.

1000 Quilt Inspirations

Please see my post Look Look I am in a Book for more details.

UPDATE – Book was released April 2015


October 2013


In 2012 a group of art quilters came together and created the Quilting Meets Couture Collection which was exhibited in several venues to including as a featured exhibit at the 2013 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. This collection of 21 art quilts were created from silk, wool and linens samples and remnants from couture fabrics from the European textile houses of Ratti, Braghenti, Castellini and D’Este. The fabrics in these quilts are from the NYC Fashion District in 1990s, where Claire Spector was gifted by staff of one of the textile houses couture fabric samples and remnants. The Quilting Meets Couture group was comprised of the following 14 women sharing their art and their stories. Below are my four (4) art quilts that were part of this collection.

Color Change (2012)

Random not so Random

Color Study 2: Silk Landscape

All images and works are property of Tierney Davis Hogan, and cannot be used without her permission. ©

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