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Artists Teaching Students – Slide Deck Posted

This is a follow up to the post – Artists Teaching Students. As I shared in that post, Beaverton School District in Beaverton, Oregon invited me to participate in their Art Literacy Program – Artist Teaching Students, by working with their Art Literacy Program Coordinator, Cathy Lamb, to create a slide deck presentation for kindergarten to eighth grade students (ages 5 – 14).

The slide deck is now posted on the Beaverton School District’s Art Literacy website:


image credit – Beaverton School District

If you scroll down, past the smiling children image to the Artist Teaching Students Online Lessons and click on the arrow next to the text, it will open access to the artists’ lessons

image credit – Beaverton School District

If you scroll down to Tierney Davis Hogan, you will reach my slide deck:

image credit – Beaverton School District

Here is a sample of the presentation via a couple screenshots:

There are many more slides in the actual presentation/slide deck on the Beaverton School District Art Literacy Program website including a slide with my (terrible) 5th Grade school photo!

Here is the link again if you want to check out the full presentation:


You’ll have to see the full presentation if you want to check out awkward 11 year old Tierney (I was years from becoming the babe I became at 19 – 20 years old when I met my late husband Terry while I was in nursing school, ha!).

I have to give most of the credit for the awesome slide deck to the work of the wonderful Beaverton School District Art Literacy Program Coordinator, Cathy Lamb. Cathy and I used Google Sheets to collaborate over the phone to develop the slide deck and Cathy selected most of the quilts/images from my tierneycreates.com site that she thought would fit with the presentation.

I so enjoyed my collaboration with Cathy and how she helped me tailor concepts, such as my overall Artist Statement on my Artist Statement page on tierneycreates.com, and the artist statements for the quilts in the slide deck, into words and concepts that would be meaningful to kids. She had me just talk about how I felt about developing different quilts in plain language and she translated that into text for elementary and middle school students. It was a memorable and poignant conversation.

I hope you get the chance to check out the full presentation on the Beaverton School District Art Literacy website to see Cathy’s amazing work and the results of our collaboration!

I’ve added this to my Textile Adventures page which is a chronological summary of the highlights of my artistic journey to date.


After the slide deck was posted, a teacher/advisor at one of the schools (Arts & Communication Magnet Academy, ACMA) in the Beaverton School District reached out to me and invited me to meet with a group of students in the National Art Honors Society (NAHS) via Zoom video call.

So sometime in the near future I will be meeting with students via video to talk about textile art.

The Universe keeps surprising me!

35 thoughts on “Artists Teaching Students – Slide Deck Posted”

  1. This totally warms my heart, Tierney! You are a perfect teacher to have in a classroom, not only sharing your beautiful works of art, but your inspiration and words of encouragement, too! I bet someone(s) in that art class are now thinking about a new form of art thru learning from you!

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  2. Nice job. I like the idea that there will be students who will remember you as the person who introduced them to the idea of being a fiber artist or any kind of artist, that otherwise they might not have considered it. The ripples spread out from the center point, your work and heart for that work.

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  3. This was the perfect art lesson. You shared a lot of yourself in a way that can let them relate to you and the art at the same time. All the pieces are meaningful, beautiful, and accessible, and things that kids might imagine making themselves. I’m really proud of you. ❤

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  4. This is such a good idea, and hits just the right tone to be relatable to children. As some of the other commentators said, it is awesome to know that you are inspiring future artists. We never know where our ripples will spread.

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  5. Oh, Tierney, what a wonderful opportunity. The kids are so lucky to have you as their guide to the world of quilting, and I’m sure you’ll inspire them to find their inner light and shine. 🙂 I saw the deck — marvelous! I had seen these pieces before on your site; it’s great to understand more of the ideas behind them. Loved the photo of little Tierney!

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  6. This is a wonderful initiative, the slide deck presentation is really awesome, you are really very inspirational Tierney, nice job! You look super cute in your photo as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I so enjoyed this “greatest hits” tour of your work! I went to check out the full show and it was great – the stories are relatable and your quilts look amazing. I bet the students can’t wait to meet you on Zoom!

    Liked by 1 person

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