Baby Quilt for An Adventure Baby

My friends Cody and Cici are expecting their first baby. They are two adventurers and world travelers, and many of their adventures involve traveling around the U.S. in their awesome Sprinter van which they customized for travel.

For their wedding gift in 2019 I gave them one of my late husband Terry’s flannel fishing and outdoor adventure themed quilts (see post A Quilt for the Road…) to keep them warm while adventuring in their van.


So I figured their baby is going to need their own flannel blanket for adventures!

Cody and Cici live in the Pacific Northwest and I made a Pacific NW themed outdoor adventure baby quilt from flannel scraps and fat quarters I had in my stash:

I put flannel fish themed fabric on the back as the new baby’s father is an avid flyfisherman.

Here it is all packaged up and ready to be sent off (they have since received it):

In case you are curious I used one of the patterns from the booklet – Three Times the Charm!-7 Quilt Patterns by Me and My Sister Designs Using Precut Charm Packs (2011).


My friend Judy (who got me into quilting) introduced this book to me years ago at a quilt retreat. It is a great book for quick small quilts made out of charm (5″) square packs, like baby quilts! I modified one of the patterns to make it work for how I wanted to design this quilt.

I pre-washed the quilt after I quilted it. I usually do that for baby quilts so the parents know the quilt is easily machine washable and should not be treated like some “precious thing”. It is not an heirloom – it is a utility quilt meant to be (hopefully) heavily used.

I am hoping the quilt I made them will get lots of use, go on many adventures, and get many washings in the future!


A humorous blurb on Mike the Miniature Schnauzer (though it was not immediately humorous at the moment it happened):

Last weekend we had Starbucks for breakfast one morning (my partner John went and picked it up for us). Starbucks gave John the wrong hot beverage for me (a Chai Tea instead of a Green Tea Latte) and he went back to our local Starbucks to exchange it.

While he was doing that I left half my breakfast sandwich on the coffee table to check on something. When I returned my sandwich was missing and a very guilty looking miniature schnauzer was staring at me.

When I exclaimed: “Mike did you eat my sandwich!??!” He immediately put himself in a “time out” in the corner of the room! I laughed so hard I could not be mad and any longer, grabbed my phone and took this photo below.


He stayed in the “time out” for a couple minutes until I summoned him out for a cuddle (his cuteness led to instant forgiveness for stealing 1/2 my sandwich!).

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  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift for your friends’ baby! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw Mike in his self imposed “time-out.” He truly is a gentlemen and knows how to take responsibility for his misdeeds.

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  2. Perfect quilts for your camping friends! I just LOVE the picture of Mike putting himself in the corner when you caught him stealing your breakfast! That was just too much temptation left on the table.

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  3. Mike! Oh, you naughty little fella! All is forgiven, Mike. Mama can’t stay pupset with you for long! Tell your mama that her flannel quilt is perfect for the new little galavantor!

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  4. Mike simply did what he had to do. Once you leave food on the table, its fair game. There was no official ownership once the eater leaves the food unattended for an extended period of time. It is in the rule book. The 28th pawmendment. If only you could get the surveillance video from the Starbucks to see Mike chomping on the sandwich. 😀

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  5. I knew Mike was part cat! I once put a sandwich on the table and returned to the kitchen for a drink; when I got back SOMEBODY had neatly flipped the top bread off and eaten the meat filling. (But the cat was nowhere in sight!)

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  6. Cody and Cici checking in – this quilt was such a wonderful gift for our little man, who we are excited to welcome to our family in…hours? Days? Soon! Ahh! We love love love the quilts you have given us, Tierney! The Quilt for the Road gets used every time we are out in the van, even on day trips, and our new Adventure Baby quilt will get used even more frequently. Cody will, of course, be sure our adventure baby studies the fish side to learn the ways of fly fishing! Thank you for sharing your incredible craft with us! We’re doing our best to wear these out, but they’re so well crafted I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to do so. Thank you again Tierney!


  7. Great quilt, love a nontraditional baby quilt. Mike is obviously an extremely intelligent creature. He knew how to properly handle what might be a difficult situation. Add humor.

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  8. Dogs just know when they have been bad don’t they. I had a cocker spaniel who would start slinking just because he had a bad thought- he’d see something he liked the look of but knew he shouldn’t take and so start slinking as if he had taken it. Good luck with the zoom class.

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  9. Love the baby quilt, it’s got so much movement for what I realised id quite a simple block, like a big mountain range! I had to smile at Mike taking himself off to the naughty corner, our dog used to do the same 🙂

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