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The Fig Leaf Quilt Shop, Fort Collins CO

I know what you need right now, you need a virtual quilt shop tour don’t you?

(Actually, Mike the Miniature Schnauzer thinks what you need right now is a follow up from his guest blog post Guest Blogger: Obsession with Making Crocheted Dishcloths, and show you he did finally get a haircut:)

Okay now back to the quilt shop tour post…

A couple weekends ago, Mike stayed with his babysitter and John and I headed to Fort Collins, Colorado for the weekend (it is only like a 1.5 hour drive from Denver). While in Fort Collins, we stopped at The Fig Leaf Quilt Shop (and Furniture Store)!

John had some errands to run (he bought a new bike in Fort Collins and had to go pick it up) so he left me unsupervised for an hour at a quilt shop!

Here are some images from my leisurely wander about the shop:

It has been a long time since I wandered around a quilt shop, I cannot begin to tell you how delicious an experience it was! They shop also had a friendly staff and I enjoyed chatting with quilt shop staff.

While wandering I came across a quilt I absolutely wanted to make. The image does not do it justice but it is an awesome relatively simple pattern with a panel in the center:

I could not control myself and bought most of the fabrics (and the panel) as well as the pattern card:

I also bought a couple extra items like a some cool canvas fabric with Edison-style light bulbs; some random Cotton + Steel fabric yardage; a random fat quarter on sale; and a fat quarter set (that I absolutely did not need!).

The Fig Leaf Quilt Shop is also a furniture store! I guess they went with a multipurpose shop concept!

We did more than visit a quilt shop while visiting Fort Collins for the weekend, we also went new bike for John (who is an avid cyclist), visited some of the awesome craft breweries, visited some thrift shops (I love thrifting, see my series of posts Thrift Shop Adventures), and we had some wonderful meals.

One of the most memorable restaurant visits while in Fort Collins was to The Farmhouse at Jessup Farms. I love farm-to-table restaurants and this one was wonderful. In addition to the main restaurant (and farm of course), they also had an onsite brewery, smaller eatery areas, and gift shops.

Here are some photos from the complex and our delicious meal at the main restaurant (which included pork belly on grits which was 1000 times more delicious than it sounds!):

It was also awesome to go on a road trip, we were going a little stir crazy at home and I really enjoyed the post of one of my blogging buddies, The Library Lady TravelsCovid Car Trip? Be Safe and Have a Blast., which inspired my idea to go on a road trip!

I love the scenery on the drive from Denver to Fort Collins (we took back roads to make it even more scenic), and I will close this post with an image from my passenger seat:

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  1. What a wonderful trip. Thank you so much for taking us along with y9ou. I can’t wait till we can get on the road. Love little Mike’s hair cut. He looks like he is so proud. I do enjoy the smell of a quilt shop. I will have to add this shop to my travel bucket list.

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  2. Nice little nearby trip helps to keep us sane. I am waiting for just a little bit nicer weather. I do need to stay out of any new-to-me quilt shops. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. That sounds like a wonderful trip! Glad you got some quilt store shopping time in – you got some great finds! So glad you had some good meals and got to see some lovely scenery as well 🙂

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  4. Hi Tierney!
    Mike’s haircut looks great. When he posts I love them! Very entertaining.
    Looks like you had a fun adventure. 🙂 The quilt shop appears delightful and the quilt with the owl is stellar. Who wouldn’t want that?! Your black and white photo of the windmill is artsy. Makes me want to go on a road trip too. Thanks for sharing as your posts always make me smile which is much appreciated.

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  5. I am on Team Schnauzer. You left my buddy behind as you went on the adventure. You can see in Mike’s eyes and stance that he did not fully agree to this arrangement. I feel it through the fiber optic transcontinental cables.

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  6. Looks like a really great trip, with the added bonus of a quilt shop and fabric buying, we´re still on lockdown, so boring, thanks for sharing 🙂

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