Sewing Down Binding: the final frontier to completion

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As a quilter, one of my favorite things is to get a quilt back from the long arm quilter, put on the binding and then sew it down to complete the quilt.  I have quilting friends who hate the binding part, even some with a backlog of finished quilts only awaiting binding. I have included a photo of the recent quilt I got back from the long arm quilter. It is such a treat to watch a movie or TV show and sew down my binding while snuggling under my new quilt.  I would love to hear what other quilters think about sewing down binding….

quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe, Guadalupe Designs

quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe, Guadalupe Designs

Pattern: “Joining Together Quilt” from the book Quilt Love by Cassandra Ellis, Taunton Press 2012

I received a gift from someone’s estate of new and antique Dutch and Japanese blue and white textiles and used those fabrics to create this quilt. After it was quilted and the binding attached, I laundered it to give it more texture. Long-arm quilting by Betty Anne Guadalupe. 



Me and my fellow blogger and quilting companion, Sassy.

Me and my fellow blogger Sassy the Highly Opinionated Miniature Schnauzer

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