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Artists Teaching Students

The Universe never fails to surprise me. Last week I received an inquiry through my website/blog from the Program Coordinator for the Art Literacy Program, Beaverton School District, in Beaverton, Oregon.

image from beaverton.k12.or.us

She invited me to participate in the Beaverton School District’s Artists Teaching Students Program by working with her to develop a slide deck to teach students about my art and becoming an artist.

Here is an excerpt from her original inquiry to me:

I coordinate Art Literacy for the Beaverton School District. Art Literacy is a program that brings artists and art lessons to our students. A few of our artists – Faith Ringgold, Monet, Lois Mailou Jones, Romare Bearden, Picasso, Deborah Butterfield, Michelangelo, Grandma Moses, Vermeer, etc. When schools closed in March, I began writing a new curriculum called Artists Teaching Students. I feature local artists and their work, lives, studios, childhoods, etc. through a slide deck. The slide deck is sent out to all of our elementary and middle school students. I wanted to bring art to our kids during a really hard time.

– Program Coordinator Art Literacy, Beaverton School District

If you look at the Beaverton School District Art Literacy page – Art Literacy Beaverton Schools, and scroll down to the section “Artist Teaching Students Online Lessons” you will see examples of the presentations by other artists, geared towards elementary and middle school students, who have participated in this program.

Last evening I worked with the Program Coordinator to draft up a slide deck for the middle school students and she is adapting that for elementary school students. I will share the link to this slide deck in the future once it is complete if you’d like to see my online program for students.

The Program Coordinator does any amazing job developing these decks in collaboration with featured artists.

I am very honored to be invited to participate in this program.

I smile because although I no longer live in Oregon or Washington State, these states keep reaching out to me in some way, whether it is through the City of Seattle inviting me to have a solo show and purchasing my art for their Portable Works Collection; or an Oregon school district reaching out to participate in their Art Literacy program.

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  1. Kudos to you – what an honor…and to a school district who realizes the importance of how art is so necessary to a developing mind. You’re amazing on how much work you seem to be able to fit into your life!!!

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  2. What a great opportunity. We have a very rich artistic community here in Rhinebeck, and our district is so blessed to have many artist collaborate with our students. Every 3 years we have Artist-In-Action Day where the students get first hand experience in everything from jewelry making to music production and everything in between!

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  3. I jumped over and read some of the artist slides. What a fabulous program! There is such a broad range of arts covered, which must encourage the children to see art as something beyond painting. Your quilting art will fit in perfectly!

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  4. Congratulations on the invite, Tierney! That is so sweet, and I’m sure the kiddoes will love (and learn from!) what you’ll prepare. So beautiful to be inspiring the next generation of quilters!

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