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From the Archives: “Cabo San Lucas in Black and White”

In my 8th year of blogging I have amassed quite the archive of old blog posts. I will occasionally share from my archives (instead of being productive and writing a new post, ha!)

Across the U.S. many have been hit (or are being hit/still being hit) with a terrible Winter Storm; and I know my friends on the “other side on the pond” are dealing with yucky Winter weather also. Well I thought I’d offer a distraction from the cold and pretend like we are all hanging out in warm Cabo San Lucas sipping out beverages of choice at an outdoor cafe on the beach!

So here is a post from March 2020 and if you like put your bathing suit on and get a “special beverage” from the kitchen to sip on while you read it (smile).

Cabo San Lucas in Black and White

In the middle of February, before the reality of global pandemic became something we would be discussing in our daily conversations, my partner and I went on vacation to Cabo San Lucas.

In my next post I will share stories from our “relaxation vacation experiment” but for this post I will just share some of the photos I took in black & white to continue my ongoing series Life in B&W, in which I pretend I am a photographer (smile).



If you are feeling like: “Why Tierney is this post over? I am still sipping my special beverage and want more virtual warm tropical vacation time!”, here is another post about my trip with more images to temporarily whisk you away from the cold:

The Relaxation Vacation Experiment

Note: I wish in retrospect I had appreciated every moment of “The Relaxation Vacation Experiment”!

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  1. OOh I rather like the black and white pics. Atmospherically classic and classy, I kind of get a 1950’s vibe! As I read this I am sipping a cheeky Disaronno and lemonade – trying to remember what it’s like being on a tropical beach holiday, it seems sooooo long ago (in reality October 2019). February, inland, nowhere near a beach, in the UK, is about as far as you can get from that!


  2. These are so beautiful. My favorite images are the succulents, and the stone yard with the beautiful woven lanterns (so many gorgeous textures for the eye to love). Such a welcome escape from the Chicago ice and blizzards! LOL. Thank you for sharing.

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