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Handmade Spools

My partner John (“Mr. Woodworker”) has been busy in his workshop. In the next several weeks I will have some new improvements to my studio to show you.

For now I thought I would show you that he has taught himself to make wooden spools, which I can use for my decorative ribbon.

He has a special drill-thingie (I guess I could ask him the official name but what would be the fun in that) which he used to create the top and bottom of each spool:

And he attaches the top and bottom discs to an oak dowel to create the spool.

The spools are around 5.5 to 6 inches in height and I think they add a decorative touch to my studio!

36 thoughts on “Handmade Spools”

      1. Always good to know the correct names of the ‘thingies’ in our tool box. Thanks for setting us all straight – and great job on those. They could probably be made with larger recycled scrap wood – adding instant patina – HA!

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  1. Hi Tierney!
    Those are Awesome spools and your studio looks great. Lucky you to have a handy man.
    I’m wondering what you’re planning to do with the neutral Wovens in the lower right hand corner of your photo? Are they Japanese fabrics?
    Thank you, Carolyn

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