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Another Paper Pieced Pincushion & Amazing Thrift Shop Find

Before I begin on the topic of this post, I wanted to send WARM THOUGHTS out to my blogging buddies in Texas and other parts of the U.S. where a winter storm is hitting hard. A recent post by @Sleepy Beagle will give you some perspective – Day 4 Still Rolling.

Another Paper Pieced Pincushion

Well after making the paper pieced (foundation piecing) pincushion I discussed in the post Paper Pieced Pincushion, I decided to make another pincushion, this time for my friend Dana who had sent me the incredible quilt I shared in my previous post Mind Blowing Mail.

Dana loves fabric by the designer Tula Pink (you can see some of her Tula Pink fabric adventures in my series of posts – Tula Time!, and she even attended a retreat with Tula Pink herself!). I decided to make her a pincushion, as part of a “thank you” package, with some scraps of Tula Pink’s All Stars fabric line I had in my stash.

Instead of canvas for the background, I used recycled denim as I thought it would go nicely with the colors and designs in the Tula Pink fabric.

It was actually easier working with the denim for the paper piecing instead of the heavy weight canvas scraps I had used in the tote bags I made (see post Tote, Tote, Tote Bags ).

Amazing Thrift Shop Find

Oh and speaking of the fabric designer Tula Pink, do you see that fabric underneath the pincushion in the image above? Well it was part of an amazing thrift shop score from a couple weeks ago. I gave Dana a little bit of the huge stash of Tula Pink’s Homemade fabric line fabric I discovered at a thrift shop.

image credit:

All the fabric was in brand new condition!

There was about 12 – 14 yards of fabric in total spread out in three package bundles for $4.99 each and I bought them all.

I cannot believe this find! For now I have the fabric packaged up and put away for a future project:

So as I close this post I just wanted to mention that I know I’ve been posting a lot (well every day) since I returned to blogging, but I have a lot to catch you up on (smile).

35 thoughts on “Another Paper Pieced Pincushion & Amazing Thrift Shop Find”

  1. WOW!! What a score that was! What a wonderful pincushion, too. Love that it had denim on it. I love your posts! Itโ€™s great seeing your work area coming together. Canโ€™t wait to see what you create next.

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  2. Thank you for your warm thoughts. They have restored some power, but canโ€™t guarantee how long it will stay on. I got out a little and very little is open due to power. I found some comfort food for the house and currently praying other families get power back. I love your work.

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  3. This pincushion is so cute! And now I see that you have customized labels for your products – that’s a whole new level!!

    Regarding the fabric you bought – I remember that on my holiday to New Zealand I found such a nice shop with fabric, of course I could not resist and I bought some cute scraps bundles ๐Ÿ˜€ Some of them I used for a patchwork blanket for my friend’s baby โค

    When looking for the website I saw that the physical shop I visited closed in January this year :

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  4. What an amazing find! Someone had no clue about the real value of that fabric.
    And good to see you did even more FPP, it looks really good with the denim fabric.


  5. live the pin cushion and never heard of Tula Pink so going to check that link
    and prayers and thoughts for those in texas!


  6. What an adorable little cushion! I love it. And it seems the fabric fairies were with you on your recent thrifting trip — how wonderful to score all of that cool fabric in mint condition! I love the patterns and colours, they are so joyful!

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