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Tote, Tote, Tote Bags

Yes there are a lot of very strange things going on in my country (U.S.) but I am only going to write about making tote bags.

Lots of tote bags…

It began with making a Christmas gift for one of my partner John’s son for Christmas who is very eco-conscious:

Next came a gift for our friends we golf with (in warmer weather) with some golf themed fabric I found in my stash:

Next came a craft beer themed tote bag for another friend for a New Years gift (more novelty fabric from my stash):

Most recently (couple days ago), I decided to experiment with more “artsy” fabric instead of novelty fabric and made this tote bag:

Here is one side of the tote bag:

And here is the other:

I’ve actually made a total of 6 tote bags since I began my tote bag making obsession in early December (2 of them are repeats of ones I shared above).

I am currently taking a break from tote bag making and moved on to other projects but I plan to make a fresh batch of tote bags in a couple weeks, this time for my (to be reopened sometime this winter I think) tierneycreates Etsy shop.

Each tote bag, except the first one I made, is lined with canvas drop cloth (yes the kind you use when painting to protect surfaces) from a home improvement store:

image credit: Home Depot

The canvas drop cloth (which I pre-wash before using), gives the tote bag a nice structure and is less expensive than buying canvas fabric from a fabric store.


Here is Mike the Miniature Schnauzer riding through another home improvement store to pick up supplies for our next home remodeling project and some canvas drop cloth for more tote bags!

Addendum: I just realized from one of the comments, that Mike technically IN A TOTE BAG himself in the images above (smile)! He’s “tote-able”!

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  1. Awesome bags, Tierney! I can see why you’re enjoying making them – it must be so fun to tailor each one to your friends’ interests and favourite things. Good tip about the canvas linings too!
    Always fun to see Mike in a shopping trolley as well – his regal expression cracks me up every time πŸ˜‚

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  2. I love the idea of using the canvas drop cloth. I wonder if you could use it after you had used it for painting. I know I have clothes the paint hasn’t come out of despite washing, so you might be able create something very arty with a pre-used cloth

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  3. Such thoughtfulness is sewn into these beautiful, personalized totes. Mike, your rich, chocolate brown eyes seem to be asking when you will get your very own Schnauzer themed tote.

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  4. I like your opening sentence – I also feel the need for such a ‘qualify-er’ before a post!!!!
    The artist canvas usage is genius, Tierney – and adds a lot to an already fantastic set of totes.

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  5. Love the bags, they are great for all kinds of uses. The theme fabric is perfect, no reason to be embarrassed when the bag tells the world you are a golfer or play tennis so it will get a lot more use. Here’s hoping they get lots of use!

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  6. I tote-ally love everything in this post! First of all the drop cloth, that is genius. I buy remnants of home dec fabrics (cause I like the big splashy designs) to make my tote bags for the grocery store but often they are loosely woven, and I haven’t been lining them. This would solve the loose weave problem. Next trip to the Big Box I will head straight for the paint aisle! And who doesn’t love a tote-able Mike! I have been ‘between’ dogs for several years and most of mine in the past were decidedly NOT tote-able… ;o)

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      1. Awesome! I never got into the Warcraft or Starcraft games, but I know they’re fun. My buddy is an absolute addict of Starcraft. I am a Call of Duty addict. I can’t get enough of playing, particularly with my Brother and Nephew in AZ. We just played last night and it was a blast.


  7. The bags look terrific. I love seeing the same style but in different prints. Your idea of using drop cloths is brilliant. I will check out my hardware store next time I’m in there

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  8. These bags are really cool, and they look very rugged too. Nice job! I hope you build up a great Etsy again.

    Also, you golf? I didn’t know that! I tried it recently and totally fell in love. It’s not al all as hard as I thought. People are always yammering about their swing and how hard it is. Well, maybe the technique is difficult. Anyway, good for you – wish I could visit you for a round!

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    1. Well someday when we visit you in Austria post COVID we’ll have to go golfing. Yes I started in 2019 and it was one of the things we could do in 2020 in the early days of the pandemic as it is outside and easy to social distance. I’m not a very good golfer but I manage to hit the golf ball and that is my main goal! Thanks on the tote bags I’ve enjoyed making them!

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  9. Making tote bags is a great way to distract yourself from the world as it is today. I like the variety of fabrics that you used. Your fabric stash must be filled with fun fabrics just waiting to be revealed. I am intrigued by the drop cloth for the liners. I once had a lady from a local paint store come to my home to help me with choosing paint colors for my rooms. At the time my home was brand new and I thought it would be fun to get an expert’s opinion. She noticed that I didn’t yet have curtains on my windows. Her suggestion was to purchase drop cloths and embellish them with an abstract application of paint. In essence fling paint at them. LOL I thought it was a great idea but never took the time to try it. Maybe someday! I think it is so wonderful that Mike enjoys going shopping! Take care!

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  10. What an impressive line-up of tote bags. The artsy one is my favourite fabric and I really like the design of the bag. It was very clever of you to use drop cloth for the lining.
    Perhaps you can make a custom tote bag for Mike? Ha Ha.

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  11. Marvelous bags, Tierney! They look so sturdy and beautifully made. My fave is the last ‘artsy’ one — there’s nothing like a bold graphic print. πŸ™‚ Glad to hear that you’re stocking the Etsy shop. And glad to see that Mike is a trusty helper in procuring home reno + craft supplies, as always! πŸ™‚

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