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Ready for the Poker Tournament

My partner John enjoys playing poker (Texas Hold’em) with his friends (and he is pretty good at it); and in addition to their monthly poker nights, once a year they have a huge three-day poker tournament.

For the annual poker three-day tournament in May this year, I decided to make John a special playing card/poker themed tote bag for him to take to the tournament:

It was quite the hit at the tournament and several of his poker buddies wanted to buy one (one lady wanted to order 3 of them!). Unfortunately the fabric is difficult to find and I have to order more online).

The tote bag was so popular that one of the poker league coordinators asked if I could make one as a raffle prize for their upcoming fundraiser poker night for one of their league members who is battling cancer. I am going to work on that this weekend as I was able to find some quick card themed fabric on Spoonflower.

The tote bags I’ve been making are pretty popular (see previous post Tote, Tote, Tote Bags) and here is one I made my friend Kathy a couple months ago that I do not think is on that post:

I found a great deal on drop cloth (used to make the handles, base and lining) on the Home Depot website a couple months ago, and I plan to make a whole bunch of tote bags “production” style. I have some awesome canvas and quilting cotton fabrics picked out to use for the outside of the bags and the pockets.


The weather has turned quite lovely in the Denver metro area (for a while I thought we were becoming the Pacific NW with all the rain we were getting) and we are again enjoying our evening “cocktail” dog walks on the green space behind our home. We started the evening cocktail walks (not always alcoholic beverages!) last summer during the pandemic when everything was closed and you could not go to a pub or restaurant.

Now the pubs and restaurants are all open (at least those that survived the pandemic), seating at full capacity (in most counties), but we discovered we really like this little tradition we started.

Here are a couple photos my partner John took of the sunset the other evening while we walked Mike the Miniature Schnauzer, and had our cocktails in our portable cups:

34 thoughts on “Ready for the Poker Tournament”

  1. Tierney, your tote bags are awesome, and I can see the poker-fabric ones would make a hit at the poker tournament! I love the sturdy canvas base and handles. Be careful–you’ll have a new sideline business for your “spare time.” That’s a joke! John’s photos are beautiful, and I imagine only hint as the actual beauty on your walk.

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  2. all round “awesome” – but I love that the method that you adopted in the lockdowns – can carry on because they are enjoyable. Probably easier on your pocketbook as well, but that’s just an aside.

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  3. Before I finished reading I was thinking: “I bet all the other poker players are going to want a tote too!” and YES I was right! Good thing you thought ahead to buy extra drop cloths while they were on sale πŸ™‚ Those sunset shots are amazing, perfect ending to the day!

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  4. Those totes are super cute! How nice that you are donating one to the fundraiser. What a gorgeous space you have near your home. I wouldn’t trade that tradition for the world!

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  5. Your bags are so gorgeous, Tierney — they look sturdy, spacious, and I enjoy all of the different themes that are possible. No wonder they are a hit! The idea of sunset cocktail walks sounds truly refreshing. πŸ™‚

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  6. Gosh, you’re like a one-woman tote bag factory, Tierney! Love these recent additions to the collection, and I hope John’s bag brought him good luck in the tournament. There wouldn’t happen to be a secret pocket full of aces inside it, would there? πŸ˜‰ And I can see why you’re continuing with your cocktail walks – that sounds like a great way to relax in the evening. Cheers!🍹

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