Weekend at The Broadmoor

Back in May my partner John took me for a weekend at The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

It was absolutely amazing! Here is the image from the front page of the resort website:

And from their website:

We began welcoming guests in Colorado Springs in 1918 and have remained one of the most recognizable and celebrated hotels in the world. Our distinctive blend of history, luxury and genuine hospitality has made us the longest-running consecutive winner of both the AAA Five-Diamond and Forbes Five-Star awards. We continue that legacy with an unmatched selection of accommodations, activities, and experiences that invite guests to immerse themselves in the beauty and traditions of the American West.

I’ve never stayed at a place so luxurious!

Our hotel room had it’s own doorbell:

John got us a room overlooking the lake and I forgot to take photos inside the room but here is a YouTube video of some video footage I took:

Our hotel room was basically an apartment with a walk-in closet and a bathroom bigger than the room I rented when I was first in college! And we were in a “middle level” room as there were many more luxurious suites and cottages you could reserve (for high level prices!).

The hotel/resort is so beautiful and although it was overcast and a little rainy the weekend we visited I still got some lovely images to give you a feel for the place:

Throughout the hotel there was a historic and European vibe as well as endless places to sit and relax.

I brought my English Paper Piecing with me and we had a lovely time in the evenings sitting around crafting (me) and reading/playing on iPad (John). Although there were a lot of guests, there were lots of cozy nooks you could find to nest in at the hotel.

There was also a LIBRARY! The resort had an amazing library nook/room with delicious cozy places to nest and read their huge collection of books (which you could borrow and take to your room):

As you can imagine, I spent a bit of time in the library. John and I hung out there for quite a while and I snuck back on my own, ha!

We noticed people walking around the grounds in long bathrobes and wondered what was going on.

Well they were coming from the spa area. In our room we had a set of long bathrobes and decided “when in Rome…”, put them on and headed to the spa/pool area ourselves.

It was so fun to walk around the grounds in our robes – here is John walking about in his robe:

Notice in his hand is his poker themed tote bag that I made him (see post Ready for the Pokerย Tournamentย ), he takes it everywhere with him!

We enjoyed the indoor pool as well as the amazing outdoor jacuzzi which overlooked the golf course:

I did not want to leave the jacuzzi but I was getting waterlogged after a while!

And speaking the golf course, The Broadmoor has an amazing golf course. John and I both play golf (he is way better than I am) and next time we visit we plan to book a tee time.

Many celebrities, politicians, heads of state, authors, etc. have stayed at The Broadmoor over the years. The resort has a whole section in one of its hallways dedicated to photos of famous people who have stayed there:

I took of course a ridiculous amount of photos (there were endless photographic moments), but I will just share one more group of photos – The Broadmoor has an amazing “Prohibition” collection of “fine spirits” from the early 20th Century:

It was a memorable birthday celebration weekend and I look forward to returning someday (like when it is sunny!)

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  1. Wow, what a lovely getaway! It all looks spectacular, but I think the library is my favourite; such ambience. I could spend a while in there before even choosing a book!


      1. Maybe you should apply for a week long “reading residency” and then you would get your fill for sure, plus the fabulous room spaces…I noted a huge chandelier in your room

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  2. Hi
    Enjoyed your photos of the broadmoor and hope you get to golf next time
    I actually stayed there in 1996 – but it was winter and stayed indoors . I have photos from the indoor pool but don’t remember that massive library

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      1. In the 1990s – I married my hubs who is from Littleton (and moms side from alamosa)well he had a divorce and they had moved from
        Colorado when they were married – so when we met he was in this recovering and renewing mode – quite happy to be free from
        An oppressive ex, rebuilding from some of her many toxic put-downs- and! He was appreciating Colorado unlike ever before
        So that is how we needed up there – he was booking things for us and went from telluride to glenwood springs to various spots like the broadmooor – and I will see if I have a photo to share – I remember really liking the classic bathroom – so white with silver fixtures and black and white tile

        Anyhow / we moved from CO and have been 100% about needing to be in east coast – and also extra glad for those CO adventure years so Colorado is in our essence

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