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Weekend in Glenwood Springs

I’ve lived in Colorado for a little over 2 years now (moved here in April 2019) and the geologic beauty of this state never ceases to amaze.

A couple of weeks ago, between installments of out of town visitors (3 sets so far and more coming!), we visited Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

image credit: Visit Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs is famous for its natural mineral hot springs and this was the primary reason we visited – so I could experience a mineral hot springs for the first time, as well as see the beauty of this region.

The drive was gorgeous, especially when we got to Glenwood Canyon which is before you get to Glenwood Springs. We stopped at a park/rest stop in Glenwood Canyon along the river and wow:

I did not want to leave the park/rest stop area, just wanted to pitch a tent by the water and relax!

Here is a little video I took that I uploaded to YouTube (unfortunately I did not think to film it landscape):

Once we got into Glenwood Springs, we checked into the Hotel Colorado which is one of Colorado’s historic hotels (there is another historic hotel nearby, The Hotel Denver, and these are the famous hotels in Glenwood Springs).

I appreciated that there was a framed quilt inside the hotel!

There was a bridge from the Hotel Colorado side of the town to the shopping/downtown area, which provided a nice view of the area:

Do you see the train tracks in the image above? Well keeps those in mind for what I will mention at the end of this post.

Once we got into downtown, we wandered about – there are lots of shops, eateries and pubs. We stopped at a wonderful brewery tasting room and had pierogis for lunch from the food truck across the street.

After lunch we browed a used bookstore which also had a quilt:

We also visited the famous Glenwood Springs Hot Springs at the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, and it was an interesting experience.

The hot springs mineral water felt great but it was like taking a bath with a hundred or so other people! We all had our bathing suits on but it still felt a little strange with all those people surrounding us while we soaked in the hot springs!

It was a very fun weekend and I appreciate all the post vaccine travel we are able to do now.

Okay, so I asked you to remember the image earlier in this post with the train tracks. Well in the near future I will be riding on those train tracks! My sister is coming to visit and I am taking her to Glenwood Springs for the weekend via the Amtrak train from Denver to Glenwood Springs.

I am hoping it is as scenic as it looked when we drove to Glenwood Springs and saw the train tracks along the way.

image credit

I haven’t traveled by Amtrak train in many years and I am pretty excited about the 5+ hour train ride from Union Station in downtown Denver to Glenwood Springs. My sister and plan to bring a picnic to eat on the train, relax, read and of course catch up.

I did find this article online titled: Prepare to be Blown Away on the Best Train Ride in Colorado! That’s a good sign!

40 thoughts on “Weekend in Glenwood Springs”

  1. Sounds like a great trip! The Amtrack from Glenwood Spring to Denver will be AMAZING! I did the trip the other was a few years ago as part of a three day trip from Connecticut to California. Through the mountains is just so scenic and wonderful

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  2. The Colorado tourism bureau should hire you. Your report of your weekend with those photos really makes me want to visit Colorado again. Loved the train video , too. Glad you located some quilts along the way.

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  3. Beautiful pictures, Tierney. The first word that comes to my mind is majestic. It must have been so relaxing to enjoy the gorgeous mountains. What great memories you and your sister must have of this magical place!

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  4. Oooh, Glenwood Springs looks like my kinda town! Bookstores, breweries and hot springs, yes please! I also loved hearing the sound of the Colorado (I think?) River in your video… What a beautiful relaxing stop along your route 😊 Did you take the train journey yet, too?


  5. how fun that you will be able to take the Amtrak with your sister – and maybe enjoy more scenery from the window –
    and I used to live in Colorado and my husband and I had a nice week in Glenwood Springs when we were dating – and we sawn in the hot springs that you showed here in this post – so cool to go down memory lane with that –
    and there wee a lot of people when we were in it as well (that was back n 1995)

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      1. yea- maybe someday – but in the meantime – I have very special memories of that place – I have been there a few times – but the time when we were dating was the most special – it was winter and felt like we were INSIDE a post card – and have you heard of. hanging lake?

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  6. Thanks for this post. I just travel architected (but haven’t yet booked) a 2022 Colorado trip that focuses on Glenwood Springs and Steamboat Springs. We’ve been to CO many, many times (we consider it our home away from home), but have never been to Glenwood. Was there anything in particular that kept you from exploring Yampah Hot Springs Caves and Iron Mountain Hot Springs, or were you just short on time? We’re hoping to get to all three when we’re there.


    1. Oooh we meant to go to Iron Mountain but did not get time and I’ve never heard of the Yampah Hot Springs. But will check them out next time. Not sure where you are planning on staying but my first time there I was underwhelmed by the Hotel Colorado – especially for the price. The second time I went (see my series of posts Train Ride to Glenwood Springs, CO and More – Part I – Part IV ) my sister and I stayed at an awesome Airbnb which was totally worth (the much lower) price. Have a great trip to GS – it is soooooo awesome!

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      1. We have a tiny travel trailer, so we’re hoping to stay in it at the Glenwood Canyon Resort.

        Yes, I saw the train ride posts on your site and planned to read them. They came across my radar last month and I just mentioned them on our travel podcast two episodes ago. That is DEFINITELY on the bucket list. I hope to read that series of yours this afternoon, just as soon as my I can stop babysitting my tomato sauce on the stove. πŸ™‚

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