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Train Ride to Glenwood Springs, CO and More – Part I

In early May 2021 I went on a road trip to see Glenwood Springs, CO for the first time (see post Weekend in Glenwood Springs). I love it so much that I decided it was the perfect trip to take my sister on when she visited in mid June. But this time instead of driving there, we took the Amtrak train!

Before the Train Ride

Before heading out on our 6 hour train ride from downtown Denver’s Amtrak station (Union Station) to Glenwood Springs, the day before our train trip I took my sister to the South Pearl District/South Pearl Street of Denver to wander about and then go thrift shopping. 



Above is another terrible attempt at a selfie (I am the “World’s Worst Selfie Taker”) and I am not sure why I am staring off in the wrong direction, ha!

We wandered to various little shops boutiques and had lunch at a very delicious restaurant (where I took our selfie).

After the South Pearl Street wander about and lunch, we went to the huge Goodwill downtown (my sister loves thrift/charity shops also) and we had a wonderful browse there as well as several other thrift shops we stopped at on the way back to my house.

My sister toted about the new Wonder Woman tote bag I had made her (which I first shared in the post Okay so here is a tote bag (or two)…), during our shopping adventure:

In the next post I will continue with further stories of our adventures during our trip, starting with the train ride to Glenwood Springs, which was breathtaking in its scenery!

Trying to catch up on blog posts, I’ve realized that it might be easier for busy readers if my posts are a little shorter; and it is less work for me to get a post out there 🙂

27 thoughts on “Train Ride to Glenwood Springs, CO and More – Part I”

  1. I love the idea of a sister adventure and of spending the day browsing in thrift stores. Sounds like something my sisters and I would enjoy, too. It also makes me smile to imagine you two “out in the world” after our months of being at home.

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      1. Well, you can’t do too many for me. I like to imagine myself on the trip with you, if that is any help. Because I know the scenery will be so different from what I see here in PA or going to DC.

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  2. You and your sister are lovely! Selfies are hard to take. I am happy you had such a wonderful visit. I took Amtrak from Florida to NY. It is a great way to see the countryside.

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  3. I’m not good at selfies either – I look like I’m trying to get my head out of the picture and then my eyes are looking down – looking forward to following the train journey…I’ve watched a few journeys via uTube

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      1. Know that feeling, of reading posts. I shouldn’t have any excuse…but it’s not just blogs but utubers, even though recently I unsubsidized from a few!


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