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Train Ride to Glenwood Springs, CO and More – Part IV

I am sitting in the Philadelphia airport and I figure this is a great time to complete this series of posts about the trip my visiting sister and I took in June 2021 from Denver to Glenwood Springs, Colorado via Amtrak train.

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After an amazing weekend, it was time to take the train back to Denver.

At the Glenwood Springs Train Station

This time we decided to sit on the opposite side of the train (right instead of left) that we did going to Glenwood Springs to try and get different views. Now you could argue we sat on the same side of the train on the way back as we did the way there, as we were on the left side going there and the right side going back…but I think you know what I mean…

Oh and I forgot to mention in the post Train Ride to Glenwood Springs, CO and More – Part II, we did have to wear a mask the entire time on the train.

So here are some of my favorite photos (we both took a ridiculous amount of photos out the train window) on the train ride back to Denver which include the sunset (we traveled to Glenwood Springs on a morning train; the return train is an afternoon train ride):



And of course the photos do not do justice to the actual beauty of the scenery but it was the best we could do looking out a UV protected film window on the train!

It was pretty late when we got into Denver as the train got delayed on the ride home. 

The next day we laid low, relaxed around the house and played with Mike the Miniature Schnauzer. I will close this post (and this series of posts on our adventure) with some darling photos we took of my sister and Mike.


16 thoughts on “Train Ride to Glenwood Springs, CO and More – Part IV”

  1. Beautiful scenery, and you got wonderful pictures of it! Now I want to take that train ride 🙂 Your sister and Mike are so cute together, and look like they got to be best of friends. So glad you had such a wonderful visit together!

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  2. Hi Tierney, such an awesome series! I loved all the pictures of the train ride and of the town before your trip and while in Glenwood Springs. I love visiting places with lots of history…I’ll definitely need to plan to do that when I retire 😉

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  3. Looks absolutely gorgeous. I guess I was thinking you were taking the new “Rockies to the Red Rocks” trip on the Rocky Mountaineer, which goes from Denver to Moab. I was getting ready to ask you how you got back from Moab. 🙂 Now I see that you did something similar. You really did half that trip (and the way you did it, you didn’t get stranded in Moab). Very much looking forward to that train trip someday, and Glenwood Springs next summer. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

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