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Help Me Pick the Binding for Seattle Scrappy!

Okay time to take a break from “tierneytravels” and get back to “tierneycreates” (smile).

It only took like a year+ but I’ve finally finished hand quilting a lap sized free form log cabin quilt I started back in January 2020 at a quilting retreat which I named “Seattle Scrappy”. Now I need your help to decide which fabric to use for the quilt binding.

I know crafters are opinionated and like helping other crafters with their design, so I am looking for your opinions.

But first here is a little quick background on the piece and some additional photos.

  • In January 2020 (before the pandemic was a reality) I attended a mini quilt retreat with a couple quilting friends in Poulsbo, Washington. I brought a couple hand work projects and had EVERY INTENTION of only working on my hand work projects. But, my dear quilting friend Dana brought an extra sewing machine (one her her Berninas, and I love Berninas) and a BAG OF GRAY FABRIC SCRAPS for me to play with – oh no!
  • Out of that bag of scraps came a whole lots of free form pieces log cabin blocks and you can read about those in this post – What’s on the…Design Carpet.
  • Since February 2020 I’ve had a series of posts on the evolution of this quilt:
  • I’ve had an update or two on my @tierneycreates Instagram feed since these posts but basically I’ve just been plugging along (when I remember to work on it) hand stitching it with perle/pearl cotton thread.
  • Last night I finally finished stitching it; and this morning I trimmed off the extra batting on the edges!


I didn’t have the best light when I quickly took these photos this morning, but they give you a general idea of the hand quilted quilt.

Now it’s time to choose the binding (this is where you come in) and here are the four options I am considering:

As you can see they are all some shade of gray. You might be thinking: “Well Tierney, what about the turquoise, aqua, or the burnt orange in the piece?” I did think about those for a moment but first of all I do not have enough of any of those fabrics to create a binding; and second I do not want to frame it in a strong color. I want to frame it in a gray.

So here are the four gray fabrics up close up against the quilt for you to select from when you share your thoughts:

A – fabric with faux stitching pattern

Fabric A

B – medium-dark gray fabric

Fabric B

C – medium gray fabric

Fabric C

D – variegated gray fabric (the tone/shade of gray will change along the binding

Fabric D

Here is a poll below for you to vote and I will report back on the result of the poll and my final decision (which will likely be heavily influenced by your votes):

****If you’d like to participate in voting/respond to the poll, you have to go to my actual website. It will not show in the WordPress Reader, sorry (thanks @tammiepainter for making me aware). If you are in the WP Reader, click on “Visit Site”.****

I’d appreciate any additional thoughts you have in addition to your vote in the Comments section of this post.

Please note however, I will only tally votes through the poll above just to make sure I do not duplicate votes, thanks!

Awaiting your votes…

56 thoughts on “Help Me Pick the Binding for Seattle Scrappy!”

  1. First of all, what a cool quilt already! I really like A too but chose B because I think A needs to go into something else that shows off the pattern. Thinking it would get lost in a narrow binding. B gives a nice contrast without fighting for attention.

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  2. My first choice is A! I love the texture and also how it blends perfectly with the quilt. And…my second choice is B! The quilt is so gorgeous Tierney!

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  3. Love that you picked gray for Seattle–in most months that’s exactly right! I choose A because of the color and the interesting pattern that I think complements the other side. Beautiful!!

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  4. My choice was immediate and definitive: Fabric A absolutely – perfect grunge gray to embody the Seattle vibe!!!!
    BTW: my vote worked on Chrome but not Firefox (my usual browser)…so if others are having problems, just switch to a different browser.

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  5. I was “torn” but in the end chose D, because a lot of the fabrics had that faded through look – but really I wanted something along the lines of a dark charcoal or black…or a bit popping colour of say red…

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  6. What lovely quilt work! It’s funny how you started off with a tiny quilt and ended up doing this large one. I’m not good at all at these things but I’d go for fabric B or C to make the lining different from the rest.

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  7. Even though I love them all, I did vote for one. I am waaaaay behind on my blog reading. Can’t wait to see which one you are going with. I absolutely love this quilt. The hand quilting really makes it, girl!

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