What's on the Design Wall

What’s On the Design Wall

Yes I said “DESIGN WALL”, not design carpet (see post What’s on the…Design Carpet).

Since my post What’s on the…Design Carpet, there’s been some changes…

In case you are just joining us, let me recap:

  1. My partner and I were working on buying a house together and he is selling his house. So my quilting studio got packed up and my former studio became a staged bedroom for the realtor house listing photo shoot.
  2. Then I went to a mini quilt retreat a couple weeks ago and created freeform log cabin blocks from a friend’s scraps. Upon returning home I laid them out on the “design carpet” in my bedroom since I no longer had a design wall, much less a studio:


So nearly two weeks ago, my partner and I decided to buy a new house, that is in the process of being built, and will not be ready until the end of April. So we cannot put his house on the market for a couple months – until we get closer to when our new house will close, otherwise we could end up between homes!

Since the house I currently live in was not going on the market for a couple of months, I negotiated that I set up a modified version of a studio that can be easily returned to a staged bedroom for house showing.

Around the same time of this decision, I discovered listed on our community website a free large table being offered.

With new large (free) table in hand, I have a makeshift studio:


And to go with my makeshift  studio, I made a makeshift design wall:

2020-02-02_16-04-59_0142020-02-02_16-49-09_122On Superbowl Sunday (last Sunday), I had a “Stitching Bowl” and worked on getting the center of the piece sewn together:


I am pretty happy with my makeshift studio and will share more photos of the piece as it evolves.

By the way, Mike my Miniature Schnauzer is enjoying hanging out on the bed (from the staging) in my makeshift studio while I sew!


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  1. Silly Question …. does you new house have a room just for you and your quilting?! it is exciting to hear how you are settling into your new life. And the quilt is great! I love the pops of aqua and ochre.

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    1. Oh yes! One of the upstairs bedrooms will be my studio; and I will also take a little bit of the guest room next to it for storage, etc. Thanks so much, I made some more progress on it last night and it has been so fun to work on 🙂


  2. Grr, moving house, such a difficult thing to put together, good luck. It’s important to be able to continue with ordinary life as much as possible. Quilt is looking good.


  3. Your temporary studio and design wall look great–a free table was a godsend. And of course, I love seeing Mike snuggling/napping nearby on a fleecy. Your gray/black/turquoise log cabin piece is giving me log cabin envy or log cabin fever, wanting to get back to one on my design wall.

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  4. A practical example of how innovative you (and quilters in general) are. It’s great that you no longer have to make do with a design carpet and have a comfortable spot where you can sew — and create a really beautiful quilt.

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