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December, Christmas and “Bombs”

December was challenging for me but I stayed busy with crafting and reading. I will share those crafts in future posts.

I wanted to share some of the positive highlights of December now that this month is over and it is time to start a New Year!

Furniture Shopping with Mike the Miniature Schnauzer

Mid month we went to a furniture store to look for a new loveseat for the front room. The furniture store had a sign on the front “No Dogs Allowed”. But they did not say: “No Dogs in Backpacks Allowed”!


We waited for one of the many furniture salespeople to approach us about our dog in a backpack but instead they asked if they could pet Mike. 

Mike might be the first “Furniture Shopping Support” dog!

We did not end up buying a loveseat for the front room (looking at the prices we decided we would just make work what we have for now) but we did buy the clock in the photo above!


After furniture shopping (and clock purchasing), we stopped at Starbucks and Mike got his first Puppuccino


Christmas and Bombs (Hot Chocolate Bombs)

We had fun celebrating Christmas with Mike the Miniature Schnauzer and my partner John’s immediate family that live in the Denver metro area. Unfortunately one of his son’s could not come visit from California because of the pandemic. (We were supposed to go to the East Coast and spend Christmas with my family but the pandemic made us make the difficult decision to cancel those plans).

Here is my partner’s darling wonderful granddaughter enjoying some of her stocking stuffers (I went crazy shopping for them and over did it I am sure) while watching a Christmas movie, over our house at Christmas:


John and I wanted to do something special for Christmas and kept hearing about “Hot Chocolate Bombs“. We bought a couple silicon molds and followed the recipes and directions from this page – The BEST Hot Chocolate Bombs.

No one would buy Hot Chocolate Bombs from us (because they looked like a “hot mess”) but we had so much fun making them on Christmas morning:


Our Christmas dinner guests (my partner’s son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter) had so much fun pouring steaming hot milk over their hot chocolate bombs and watching them “explode” into hot chocolate.

Here’s a video courtesy of YouTube that demonstrates what happens when hot milk meets a bomb!

We made basic Hot Chocolate Bombs and maybe next Christmas we will experiment with more complicated recipes such as Salted Caramel!

I’ll close this post with Mike the Miniature Schnauzer on Christmas looking cute in Christmas ribbon:



Hey – 2020 is OVER!

Wish you all a VERY HAPPY 2021!

Photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash

37 thoughts on “December, Christmas and “Bombs””

  1. Sounds like you all had a fun Christmas and a good time shopping! That clock looks great 🙂 I’ve seen the Hot Chocolate bombs around and wondered how they were made – thanks for sharing! They look like a lot of fun to make and to use 🙂 Best wishes for a very happy 2021!

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  2. Jake Jabs (founder of the furniture store I suspect you visited) was famous for his use of wild (zoo) animals climbing-on-his-furniture commercials back in the day – SO – I personally think he’d approve of introducing Mike as “the first ‘Furniture Shopping Support’ dog!”
    And as for those Hot Choco bombs – what a great ‘science project’ HA!

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  3. Thanks for sharing your December. It looks like it was filled with love and family…and chocolate!
    The pandemic may have changed our plans and traditions, but it did not change how we celebrate family and friends. Mike knows he is adorable.

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    1. I’m glad I did not change how you celebrate! Yeah the hot chocolate bombs were actually a little too chocolatey! I think the sprinkles were over the top but we just needed something to hide the seams of when we put the two halves of the chocolate cups together.

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  4. Mike totally looks like he knows he’s flouting the rules…and also like he doesn’t think those rules should apply to him. I’m not a big fan of hot chocolate, but I’d be more than willing to eat that chocolate bomb exterior :)) Happy 2021, Tierney!

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  5. I just love all the pictures of Mike going shopping! He is too precious and I’m sure would be a welcome shopper anywhere, charming all the customers. Thanks for your forward-looking attitude about a better year. Blessings and good wishes to you, John, and Mike!

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  6. Happy 2021 to you and yours! I’m glad that Mike was able to join in on the furniture shopping fun. That is quite a splendid clock – it looks really cool in your space. And those choco bombs are so neat — like a mini-party in a mug! How perfect for the holidays. 🙂

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  7. I really don’t know how you could properly select a new loveseat without Mike’s input. I mean he’ll be using it as much as his humans:) Your hot chocolate bombs look like fun addition to the Christmas menu. Tierney, I truly hope that 2021 holds many blessings for you.

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  8. Happy belated new year to you, Tierney! I so enjoyed seeing Mike helping with the furniture shopping, and your chocolate bombs – YES PLEASE! I didn’t realise what they were at first – I thought they were desserts and my mouth was watering looking at the photo 😋 I hope you had a super Christmas, and here’s wishing you all good things for 2021 🥳

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