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In the Studio, additional

Just a quick(ish) post as I try to catch up on reading all my dear blogging buddies’ posts that happened while I was away from blogging for a little while.

This is an unexpected continuation of my previous post – In the Studio.

“Mr. Woodworker” (my new nickname for my partner John) is a little obsessed with getting my sewing studio in shape for maximum-creativity-efficiency (or he is just looking for more pandemic projects and we continue to primarily be stuck at home).

He and I came up with the idea of adding some shelving on each end of my new floating shelf he just installed:

Before the additional shelves

Here are the new shelves (just installed yesterday) – one on each side of the window in my sewing studio!

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with my two new bookcases/shelving on each end of the new floating shelf. These bookcases are things I did not even realize I needed until we spontaneously came up with the idea and Mr. Woodworker whipped them up!

I now feel really organized!

What does Mr. Woodworker have planned next for my sewing studio? Well he wants to build me a matching cutting table, a sewing table and one additional bookshelf area. I asked him to hold off for now as I need to focus on using my studio to keep making stuff for my tierneycreates Etsy shop I hope to reopen in January 2021.


Mr. Woodworker has been working on his own studio too, which is located in the basement. He built himself a clamp stand for his woodworking clamps:

Functional – yes. As cute as my sewing studio area – no – ha!

24 thoughts on “In the Studio, additional”

  1. Wow, Mr. Woodcutter is busy! And talented!! Your studio looks fabulous and so organized!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Wowie Kazawowie! How can you just sit at the computer and blog about that fantastic space instead of dancing away in it doing your Tierney magic?
    Seriously, looks great – must be incredibly inspiring!


  3. Excellent additions to the sewing studio! And hoping we will keep being apprised of the improvements to Mr. Woodworker’s studio too- this seems to be a very fruitful partnership… ;>)


  4. One can never gave enough shelves and these are extra special because they are almost like storage boxes. You are lucky.
    I have a cutting table purpose made to my height by The Woodworker and it is the best thing ever. Not having to stoop over a standard height table while cutting makes an enormous difference.


  5. That shelving is perfect! What a great addition to your sewing/crafting room! He is pretty great at woodworking! And I love your creative storage solutions – the baskets and boxes are all so nice and keep everything so tidy while still being accessible!


  6. Wow, Mr. Woodworker is brilliant, your studio is looking better and better. When I ask my hubby to put a nail on the wall he has a huge moan ๐Ÿ˜€


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