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Solo Show Seattle Municipal Tower, Part III

I am getting settled in my new Colorado apartment after relocating from Central Oregon to the Greater Denver Metro area.

Finally, here is the final post in my series of posts about my first solo show at the Seattle Municipal Tower’s Ethnic Heritage Art Gallery located at 700 5th Ave in downtown Seattle, Washington. The show is curated by the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture.

For more background on my invitation to my first solo show, please see the previous posts in the series – Solo Show Seattle Municipal Tower, Part I and Solo Show Seattle Municipal Tower, Part II.

Before the Show

I stayed with friends in West Seattle and as parking in downtown Seattle is crazy, even though they offered to loan me one of their cars, I took the bus to the event. I arrived early and had time to wander around the amazing downtown Seattle library (I will share photos from that wander in another post).

After wandering around the library with my tierneycreates Beastie (who loves libraries also – see posts Beastie Colorado Adventure Begins and Beastie Outing: Trip to the Library) it was time to head into the Seattle Municipal Tower for the show opening, but not without first taking some photos of the entry and this downtown Seattle skyscraper:


As you can see in my above selfie, I was pretty darn excited.

Show Opening: The Wardrobe Meets the Wall


The show (The Wardrobe Meets the Wall: Art Quilts Created from Recycled Clothing and Garment Manufacturing Samples) opened with a presentation by board members the the Ethnic Heritage Art Gallery board on background and mission of the gallery, and then an introduction about me and my work.

Next, after providing an overview of my work, I did a presentation on the story behind the show and working with recycled materials. Then did a walk through tour and presentation on all 12 pieces I have in the show, sharing the story behind each piece.

Here are photos from the show which is on display until 07/15/2019. The gallery did a wonderful job of creating large placards for each piece that provided my full artist statement so that visitors could read the full story behind each piece.


A nice crowd attended the opening which included board members of the Ethnic Heritage Art Gallery board, downtown Seattle workers, my work colleagues in the Seattle office of my employer, and longtime friends who live in Seattle. I enjoyed walking the crowd through the 12 pieces and telling the story behind each piece (and no one appeared to fall asleep).

The Gallery also provided an area for flyers and my business cards if anyone was interested. I had generic business card created for the show as these cards are accessible by the public who has access to the gallery.


Additionally here are some photos taken the day before the show opening right after the pieces were hung, by my friend Loren who works at the Seattle Municipal Tower:


The whole experience was exciting but a little exhausting. I’ve been in several art shows in the past and have attended openings but it is a different experience when you are the only artist and it is your show!

When the show closes 07/15/2019, a Seattle based friend is going to collect the pieces from the gallery and deliver them to me when she visits me in the Denver area in late July. I do have two buyers interested in several of the pieces so I might have a couple art quilt sales in the near future.

After the Show

After the show I met up with a large group of Seattle friends at a lovely Dim Sum restaurant in the University Village area – Din Tai Fung.

We sat for hours visiting and having wonderful conversations while dining on delicious Taiwanese cuisine such as these wonderful vegetable dumplings below:



As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I am settling into my new Colorado apartment. It has been an interesting transition from living in a house most of my life to now living in an apartment but so far, so good.

I wrote this blog post from my kitchen table this morning while eating breakfast and sipping on tea.


Mike my miniature schnauzer is getting used to all these people and dogs living in “his house” (he thinks the whole inside the apartment complex is his home but for some reason he and I only live in one section of it – ha!).

48 thoughts on “Solo Show Seattle Municipal Tower, Part III”

  1. Absolutely wonderful 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹. I don’t personally know you but I feel as if I’ve walked along your side and shared your journey. I’m tickled 😊 this is So so very nice. Well done my dear…well done. I’m 60+++ years and it always make me proud to see younger women creating and sharing their signature for others to be inspired by. Thanks so much for sharing. 🏆

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  2. So. Absolutely. Impressive!!! Such a great display! Such a great venue! Tell Mike to put his little doggy paws together and give you a round of applause on my behalf (that might distract him from all those people invading “his” building for a little bit).

    I know the strain of doing a “one-woman” show…thankfully, I didn’t have to do any presentations or personal walk-throughs (I’m cringing at the very thought!).

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    1. Thanks Tammie and yes Mike is hysterical in his amazement that all these people and dogs are wandering around inside his new very large home (hallways of apartment complex). He is start to accept them a bit.

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  3. Oh Tierney, they look FANTASTIC! What a marvellous achievement. My particular favourite is the recycled denim VI, but they all look so good, getting the spot light they deserve.
    And welcome home.

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  4. Mike, that building really belongs to you, let those other dogs know who is boss and that they are guests in your home. arf arf. #TeamMike

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  5. Be careful Tierney. You might make a mistake and find yourself being interviewed by Oprah on her Super Soul Sunday show.

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  6. Congratulations. What a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you must have and so well- deserved. The presentation of the work is wonderful and really shows it off. I’m thrilled for you.

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      1. Well, it’s well deserved, and your work is beautiful and meaningful on a lot of levels, so viewers probably come away with new thoughts. And there is something about quilting – no matter how random it may seem, there is an order (even to random quilts) that guides and is somehow reassuring, to how they are constructed and the way the elements are arranged and are separate yet unified. Your work has a lot going on. And I am glad you are in your new home and starting to get settled. Another step on the journey. I look forward to seeing how the new environment inspires you.

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  7. Your work is awesome and the display of all the pieces on the crisp white walls is beautiful. Congratulations! You rock!

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  8. The display of your art pieces is breath taking. I hope I get a chance to see this before the exhibit is over. Wow, all I can say is Congratulations and beautifully done. The Seattle Municipal tower did a beautiful job displaying your art work.I wish I was there for the opening. Now, that looked like some delicious Dim Sum!!!!

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  9. They did a fantastic job of lighting to show every detail of each piece and really let their qualities shine. I bet the people who are in that building every day will find themselves noticing new details every time they walk past.
    I just can’t pick a favorite, but I think my favorite thing about all of them is the way that your quilting complements the piecing in original ways, rather than just predictably echoing the shapes (which is what I think I would fall prey to myself). It is so lovely to see them gathered together!

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    1. Why thank you so much for your thoughtful comments 🙂
      They did do a wonderful job of lighting the show. The Curator for the City of Seattle Office of Art & Culture is amazing!


  10. What an amazing show!!! too bad it’s on the other side of the country from me 😦 I’m glad you & Mike are getting settled, can’t wait to hear more about your new adventures 🙂

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  11. That looks amazing! Congratulations on your show😁. Also what Ican see of the quilts is so good. Hope the show gets many visitors.

    Also nice to hear you’re settling in well


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