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Beastie Outing: Trip to the Library

Okay next post I am going to finish up sharing stories from the annual May quilt retreat with my Quilting Sisters, but I cannot resist sharing another post about my new tierneycreates Beastie that I introduced to you in the 06/13/18 post I’m A Monster!!!.

Last post we left off with my new tierneycreates Beastie getting ready to head to my beloved public library with her new library card:


As my library does not allow pets inside except for Service Dogs, her miniature schnauzer Mikelet had to stay at home. We could have snuck Mikelet inside the library since he is only a couple inches high but I didn’t want to encourage her to break any rules! (Also she left her knitted hat at home as it was a warm day.)

My blogging buddy, Tammie also has a Beastie (she even took hers to Ireland to meet her Beastie’s maker Helen and she warned me that Beasties can be mischievous!

At the Library

The tierneycreates Beastie thought the Book Return area in the library’s entry was fascinating.

“What’s behind the slot?”

However before I could slip my books into the book return, she started reading them:

“Oooh that is pretty”

I promised her I would pick up new books for us to read together, so she closed the book and helped me put it in the return slot (she had to be careful not to fall in the slot herself):

Trying not to fall in while returning books

I took her to the Holds Section for books that library patrons have reserved. As I was trying to locate my holds, she thought it was a cool place to explore:

“Books are fun!”

I convinced her to leave the other patrons’ holds alone and we headed to the Self-Checkout area to scan my books.

“Is this complicated?”

She pulled out her Beastie library card, ready to scan it for the books:

Ready to check out!

I had to gently explain to her that we needed to use MY library card instead to check out the books I had on hold:

The non-Beastie Library Card

I thought she had accepted this as she tried to figure out the keypad to help me enter my account PIN:

“Those are giant keys”

But then I found her trying to get her Beastie library card under the scanner and make it work:

Trying to work the scanner…

After some discussion, I got my books and a movie scanned with my library card and checked out:

A new little stack of library books (and a movie)

The “Holds” and “Checkout” area are downstairs in the library when you first walk in, so I thought I would give her a tour of the upstairs library. She tried to work her way up the stairs but finally agreed that I could carry her.

When you are only 6 inches tall, steps can be daunting

When we got upstairs I took her to one of my favorite sections – the quilting book section:


While I was flipping through a quilting book, she wandered over to the next shelf to the left and up – to the knitting books!


I think she wanted to learn more about how she was made…


As I was leaving the section, I next found her over at the Library Catalogue computer trying to reserve her own books!


I think she had a great time on her first outing even though she could not check out her own books. She had me stop and take her photo by this poster on the way out of the library:


She did stop and visit with some of the Deschutes Public Library’s awesome staff who took a photo of her and put her on their Instagram (@deschuteslibrary):

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 10.19.12 PM.png

36 thoughts on “Beastie Outing: Trip to the Library”

  1. What an entertaining post, Tierney! Thanks for letting us vicariously enjoy Beastie’s trip to your public library. I can see she has much more fun that that boring Flat Stanley guy.

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  2. I think you are going to need a face to face with Helen and really let her know what she has created! Wonderful as these are, Helen might need to see your Beastie full grown. So much fun!!

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  3. Such a fun excursion. I imagine I’d be wetting my pants from giggling out of control while giving that new little beastie life. Enjoy all of your beastie outings!

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  4. I’m glad to see she didn’t take no for an answer and kept trying to get that card to scan…I just hope those glasses are laser proof! And this post is making me think my husband (who works in our local library) needs to take his Beastie to work and get a photo shoot from the other side of the library desk :))

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    1. OH YES PLEASE! 😀 No pressure or anything… But this could be the start of an ongoing “Beasties in the Library” series! 😂 In the immortal words of Mrs Doyle from Father Ted, go on go on go on go on go on…

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  5. Hahaha! Oh Tierney, what a brilliant first adventure for tierneycreates Beastie! It’s great to see her clambering around the shelves and “helping” you pick out books and movies 😂 And I loved the picture with the scanner! Maybe she’ll be able to sneak Mikelet in with her next time… Although I do think it’s good that you’re not encouraging her natural mischievousness. I hope you both enjoyed the books you picked out! Now, where to next? 🤔

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    1. Maybe in time she will learn to walk up those stairs on her own, of course that might add an extra hour to our library visit to get her upstairs. I guess I could keep Mikelet in my tote bag and they would never know at library! Yes the scanner photo was quite the giggle and another library patron came to check out their books and looked over at me like I had lost my mind or something – ha!
      I probably need to read to her from one of my knitting books so she can learn more about her origins – ha!


      1. “Once upon a time there was a Stockinette Stitch that lived in a castle…”
        Glad you liked the post, thanks for reading and accepting that I am not insane 😉


  6. So much fun, Tierney! 🙂 I have been waiting for the right moment to sit down and enjoy (not rushed!) this post about Tierneycreates Beastie’s first library adventure. You’ve captured all of my favourite things about libraries – looking through the stacks, doing searches, going up and down the stairs in search of titles – and I’m glad to see that this little monster is right in her element amidst all those books, a natural library-goer. Btw, Pressfield’s book is one of my favourite reads on the topic. Very inspiring and very no-nonsense! Happy reading to the both of you. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Shirley and I am looking forward to diving into The War of Art. I’ve read the preface so far and skimmed it – and it looks good! Glad you enjoyed my silly library adventures and thanks for thoughtfully reading my blog. I am the same, I wait to catch up on blogs I like to follow when I can really sit, relax and enjoy my fellow bloggers’ musings 🙂 (and if I can have a cup of tea at the same time that makes it even better!)

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  7. First, I am jealous that Beastie gets out more than I do. Second, this is one of the best digital media items I have viewed to date. So much stress but The Adventures of Beastie and Mikelet makes me think everything is going to be alright.

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