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Solo Show, Part IV – Pieces Sold

I have some wonderful news to share and a follow up to my series of posts about my current solo show at the Seattle Municipal Tower in downtown Seattle, Washington (most recent post Solo Show Seattle Municipal Tower, Part III).

The City of Seattle is purchasing three of my pieces made from recycled silks:







These pieces will become part of the City of Seattle’s permanent rotating art collection, like my piece that they purchased in 2016 – COLOR STORY V: ABANDONED WATER STRUCTURE:


Since 2016 this piece has rotated display through the City of Seattle’s offices. I was informed that currently it is on display at the City of Seattle Courthouse.

There are no words that would capture my excitement and the honor I feel that my pieces were selected for purchase. The whole experience has been magical. The City of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture reached out to me about the solo show (which at first I misunderstood that they were inviting me to be part of a show with other artists).

I am so incredibly grateful to the coordinator of the Ethnic Heritage Arts Gallery, the Curator for the Office of Arts of Culture, and the talented person who hung my art quilts so beautifully at the Seattle Municipal Tower.

In addition to the three pieces being purchased by the City of Seattle, I also have two private collector purchases pending/in the works for these two pieces:





I am also very honored that several friends of mine want to have my art in their homes!!!!

Now I need to make more art as my available collection is dwindling (and that is a good thing!)


This is a follow up to yesterday’s post Another Beastie Blogging Intervention: New Studio Tour, Part III.

No need for any petitions, tierneycreates Beastie and I have been in negotiations for a new space for her and Mikelet to hang out.

Free from the plastic box

I’ve moved them to the cutting area in my sewing area to hang out. Though this sounds like a potentially dangerous idea in case she begins playing with my rotary cutter – see post Guest Blogger: October Quilt Retreat Part II

A friend at a quilt retreat handing a Beastie a rotary cutter…not the best idea…

Now I am just using the plastic box to store her off season clothes (her Aran sweater and hat beautiful knitted by Helen @Crawcrafts Beasties!)


45 thoughts on “Solo Show, Part IV – Pieces Sold”

  1. That’s HUGE and awesome and everything else but not a surprise! Your quilts are beautiful. Congratulations Tierney😘 (That blue one that looks like an ice city is still my favorite.)

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  2. OMG!! That’s amazing news…and I have to say the city has good taste because those pieces all go together perfectly. Congratulations :)) And I don’t know if I would trust any Beastie near sharp objects, but maybe yours is more responsible.

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  3. Glad Tierney Beastie escapes the box and CONGRATULATIONS! That’s amazing, but not surprising that your beautiful creations are being bought up:)

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  4. Congratulations! I think your pieces capture our quilting era, and yet go beyond with beautiful craftsmanship and visual riches. I think your buyers will be congratulating themselves on their choices for a long time to come!

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  5. Congratulations! Your quilts are beautiful! Did you quilt them yourself? The quilting on the Abandoned Water Structure is especially impressive. I love it!
    And you’re famous! 😊

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  6. So fantastic Tierney! Your work is absolutely beautiful, it is not a surprise that your pieces are getting bought up. Oh, the places you will go..:-). As Dr Seuss says “Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!

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  7. Yeaaaa on your sales. Congratulations! It’s amazing how affirming that can be. And I think your tierneycreatesBeastie has good enough manners and training that she will be safe around sewing supplies. She’s pretty savvy, but I’m sure she will enjoy being out of that box.

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  8. How fabulous that they’ve purchased these three wonderful quilts in addition to the one from 2016. What a thrill that must be! I think of the ones you showed, my favorite is the last one, the archaeological dig – that’s amazing. The triangle one is a not too distant second favorite, though. I can see why friends would want your pieces hanging in their homes.

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  9. Woweeeee Tierney! Congratulations! Although I’m not at all surprised that the City of Seattle wants to own those pieces – they’re so beautiful and vibrant. Well done, and congratulations to tierneycreates Beastie and Mikelet on their successful jailbreak! 🤣

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  10. I remember seeing the Flying Triangles when you had just made it. It’s still among my favorites because it looks so playful. Congrats on the sales!!

    Beastie and Mikelet are adorable! Did I ever say this? They are. It’s fun that you include them in your adventures. Is Mikelet a new addition? I haven’t seen him before. Hope he’s a cool companion. I have to catch up on your writing!

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    1. Thank you so much! My head is still reeling that they purchased three of my pieces and I am so honored that they are part of the permanent collection of a city government’s art collection! Mikelet is super cute – I agree! My friend Helen in Dublin did an amazing job on them both 🙂


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