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Another Beastie Blogging Intervention: New Studio Tour, Part III

Yes I know in her post New Studio Tour, Part II, Tierney threatened to post daily until she  caught up on posts. Her friend Martha ( rightly doubted her, but Tierney was convinced it was going to happen.

Well she fell off the “blogging wagon” again so it is time for me to intervene AGAIN.


Most of you know me, but if you are new to this blog, my name is tierneycreates Beastie and I am a Monster, but the good kind of Monster. You can read my story at I’m A Monster!!!. You can also check out the other posts I’ve had to guest blog on (when Tierney fell off the wagon) in the series of posts: Beastie Adventures.

I thought I would continue her series of posts about her new Studio (also known as her guest room with the dangerous carpeting potentially filled with sewing pins and needles) in her new Colorado apartment.

The reason why I am continuing this series as I want you to see where she has me living – you will likely be appalled!

Okay, since I want most of this post to be about me (because that is how Beasties are – it is all about us – just check out the blogs Crawcrafts Beasties  and Tammie Painter and you will see what I mean!) I am going to begin with where I live in her studio: IN A BOX!


Yes, and I know you are shocked, she has Mikelet my miniature Miniature Schnauzer and I living in a plastic shoe box!

Most of the time I am standing up looking out like this:


But sometimes she just has me stored like this in the closet:


I hope you all won’t stop reading/following her blog in disgust! No worries, I am going to keep trying to convince her to let me (and Mikelet) wander free around her apartment as well as go on as many Beastie adventures in Colorado as possible.

I recently discovered she went to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and did not take me! If I can get Tierney back on track with blogging, she will share photos from her tour of the current amazing exhibit of Hawaiian quilts.

In case you are interested in other stuff in her studio besides me and Mikelet, here are details of some other things she has done to organize her studio.

Organizing Scraps

Tierney did tie on a color scraps to the handle of the baskets holding scraps to indicate the colors inside, thanks to an awesome suggestion from one of her readers.


Due to limited space, she had to group colors of scraps together and here is the organization scheme she went with:

  • Black and Gray
  • White and Cream
  • Black & White fabric scraps
  • Yellow, Brown and Orange
  • Purple, Pink and Red
  • Green (interestingly the largest volume of scraps she has are green scraps)
  • Blue, Teal and Aqua

She also created tags for the baskets which contain multiple colors of scraps such as her collections of Batik scraps, art fabric scraps (like Marcia Derse fabrics – see post Fabric Fangirl Frenzy) and shot cottons/linens scraps.


And here is a peek inside one of her crazy scrap baskets (her art fabrics scraps):


Yardage Fabrics and Coordinating Smaller Pieces

Tierney has limited space in her new apartment and is storing her fabric in tubs by color or theme in her two guest room closets. She does not really have the space at the time to pull out all her fabrics and organize them like she did in her Central Oregon home.


Project in Queue

She did buy some hanging wire shelves to keep her “projects in queue” organized:


I will try to get Tierney back on track as she still has a huge backlog of stuff to post about. I am just glad I got to take a break from being stuck in the closet!

(Not to mention she has a LOT of “projects in queue”…)


The real reason Tierney has not been blogging as she has been goofing off and exploring the greater Denver metro area she now lives. Here she is last weekend taking big Mike on a bike ride in his backpack around the area.


I had to ask her for this photo since Mikelet and I were not invited!!!!

29 thoughts on “Another Beastie Blogging Intervention: New Studio Tour, Part III”

  1. No wonder you look and sound so cross. A plastic box is no place for a Beastie and her Mikelet.
    Ask Tierney if you two can live in batik scraps basket — it would be much more comfortable

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  2. Oh tierneycreates Beastie, I’m amazed you haven’t used your laptop to contact your local SPCB (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Beasties)! Then again, your shoebox home does have wall-to-ceiling windows, space for all your goodies and provides you with protection from that most cursed of Beastie foes – THE MOTH! Also, when Tierney sits down to catch up with her blogging, you can jump right outta there and go gambolling through all those delicious boxes of fabric with Mikelet! Enjoy! 😉

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  3. Just be patient, Beastie! Tierney will take you on some adventures soon. Give her time! Just be glad little Mikelet is in that plastic box with you to keep you company,

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  4. Dear Beastie and Mikelet.  Jason and I will be visiting soon and I guarantee you will be out and about with us when we come to hang with Mike Hogan while Tierney is away. You may also have the great priveledge of meeting Grandmother.  Her travels in Kauai have been published in a lovely and revealing coffee table book.  You and Mikelet will be our next stars!! 

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  5. Riding bike with Mike the Snazzy Schnauzer. Getting teary eyed here. Please be careful. I expect to see a video of you riding on the evening news. Any story featuring a dog is welcomed news.


  6. Beastie – you gotta know that Tierney is just acting as a good ‘parent’ in that your box is a safe and snuggly place; a safe haven for you. Give her time, she’ll loosen up as she gets her own bearings back on track.

    And Tierney, I’m thrilled you made your first trek out to the RMQM. It’s just the tip of the iceburg of what’s out there for you to explore!

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    1. Thanks so much Laura! It does seem like there are endless cool things to explore here. I just joined a knitting group that meets at a Denver brewery so that sounds fun. I am looking forward to meeting new crafting friends here!

      tierneycreates Beastie and I will be in negotiations as to where she will hang out – ha!

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  7. Beastie, I’m glad you were not on that bike ride cuz that looks like a dangerous selfie! Stay home and guard the fort and the studio. I’m kind of laughing cuz it is all about the studio…who cares really where what goes in the kitchen, bathroom and main bedroom. Guard your priorities and figure away out of that box.

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  8. It’s so nice to see Tierneycreates Beastie settling into her new space and Colorado life! The box may be a bit tinier than usual, but she is definitely looking comfortable and safe. Kudos for some super scrap organization here! If I could only get my yarn in such order! 😁

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