New Studio Tour, Part II

Quick follow up to my May 7th post – “Oh Scrap”, Part II and New “Studio” Tour.

Thanks everyone for their comments!

I took the advice of @KNITNKWILT and removed the quotes from around the word “Studio” in the title of this follow up post – I am just going to accept it is my STUDIO.

I am still giggling over the advice and comments from @CEDAR51:

I would remove “guest room” and say outright to a guest “yes, I have space in my workroom for you to stay…but tread carefully there maybe the odd pin on the floor (or similar)”

Additionally I took the awesome advice of @ANNE54 and tied a scrap of the color of the fabric scraps in the basket to the little basket handle on front to quickly identify what color is in the basket:


After my previous post, I began working on the cleaning up the edges of the quilt I got professional long-arm quilted before I moved from Central Oregon to Colorado in my new kitchen cutting station:


I really like my kitchen cutting station (and my master bedroom ironing station I shared in the previous post).

I have the binding machine stitched to the quilt now and now I am working on sewing down the binding by hand in the evenings while watching TV with Mike the Miniature Schnauzer.

One thing that is pretty clear – I have a lot of quilts, afghans and pillows in my apartment.  What used to be spread about a three-bedroom home is now condensed into my smaller apartment!

For example – here is the bench at the back of my sofa in my living room. You can see the quilt that I am currently hand sewing the binding down in the middle of the back of the sofa.



Be warned – I am going to try to post daily for a while to try and catch up on all the posts I have in my head (quite the backlog!)

24 thoughts on “New Studio Tour, Part II”

  1. Thanks for inserting my idea…in a way I have a similar situation regarding my “making” space … sometimes I get annoyed when I have to go to another room to do some other process…but recently I changed my attitude and said it was a kind of exercise!

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  2. Good luck on that plan to post daily…but we’re here reading in case you do. [smiley face] Having your work space spread over several rooms will force you to get up and move about occasionally (exercise) as CEDAR51 mentioned. Good for circulation.

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  3. Thanks Tierney, I am enjoying this series of posts. I really like the picture of you couch bench and the afghans too.

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  4. Looks so cosy. That kitchen cutting station is brilliant. (If you ever need to steam a quilt to get rid of undulations, you could add anothere station in the shower cubicle or above the bath !!)

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