“Oh Scrap”, Part II and New “Studio” Tour

These two topics – Oh, Scrap, Part II and New “Studio” Tour, were going to be two different posts but I decided to combine them into one post since they are sort of tied together.

I’ve been getting settled into my new apartment in the greater Denver metro area and I guess I’ve completed my series of posts “Colorado Bound” as now I am in Colorado!

I’ve never lived alone in my entire life, so it has been a huge transition now living alone, but I am trying to embrace it and enjoy that I can set up my apartment however I desire.

Those of you who’ve followed my blog for a long time (some of you for over 5+ years) might remember what my craft/quilt studio area looked like in my former Central Oregon home (which by the way has sold and is now someone else’s home). It was in a small back bedroom in my three-bedroom home, but it worked for me.

Now living in a two-bedroom apartment my best choice for a studio area was to turn my second bedroom into a guest room/studio area. I will give a little tour of that new space in this post, but first I want to share a follow up to post from January 2018 – “Oh Scrap“.

Oh Scrap, Part II

It is always an ongoing challenge to find the best way to organize my…extensive? ridiculous? pathologically large? fabric scrap collection. I’ve experimented with various iterations of fabric scrap organization including organizing them by color into boxes like these:


Or just throwing them all together into a large bag:


As you can imagine, unless you just want to work with random scraps, the “all in one bag” idea did not work for me.

However as I was packing up for my move to Colorado, I came up with an idea: why not use this old shelf unit I had in my sun room in my former house (which easily disassembles for moving) with the baskets I used to store magazines in, to organize and easily access my fabric scraps?


And here is the unit in the guest bedroom/studio of my new apartment:


I have my fabric scraps organized by color or theme (i.e. I have a basket of light batik scraps and a basket of dark batik scraps, etc.).

Now for the rest of the room.

New “Studio” Tour

I put the word “studio” in quotes because I am using this term loosely. It’s not really a studio per se but a place to sew in my guest bedroom, where I’ve used the guest bedroom closets to store my fabric and crafting supplies.


I embraced the concept of “Whole House Crafting” (which I previously discussed in the June 2016 post Whole House Crafting) and put a larger cutting area on my large kitchen island and an ironing station in my master bedroom.


Mike the Miniature Schnauzer wanted to share that he approves of the guest room/studio space as it meets his coziness standards!


He also appreciates the schnauzer themed decor!


Speaking of coziness (or “cosiness” for my friends on the other side of the pond), I thought I would share a little follow up to the February 2019 post From “Orphan Blocks” to Pillows.

A couple of months ago I made these two little pillows from leftover blocks from a quilt I made many years ago:


Well Mike is now enjoying one of the pillows as his napping pillow!


Not sure he wanted to be disturbed but I just had to take a photo!

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  1. I do love a sneak peek into studio spaces. It was great to see how you have settled into your space. The quilts on the walls add so much, and the schnauzer theme made me smile! Just a thought for your scrap baskets…would it help to have a scrap of fabric tied to the handles to remind you of the colour or theme inside?

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  2. Your studio looks fabulous! And it would be a wonderful space for a guest to enjoy in it’s other ‘life’. Well done with your sort out – now that’s something to encourage me – at the moment I am definitely in the camp of throw all the scraps together …..

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  3. So happy you are settled in your new home. It looks so cozy. Right now, I have three bins of filled with unsorted scraps. I am in the process of reorganizing my stuff. I will study your studio for ideas. 😊

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    1. Since you make something like everyday I think it would be challenging to keep up with scraps. I might be organized but I am not making something everyday – I’d rather do more creating like you 🙂


  4. You can take the quotes away; it is a studio. My definitions: when I am sewing traditional quilts, it is a “sewing room.” When I am making art quilts, it is a “studio.” LOL

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  5. Mike looks mighty comfortable on that bed. Please tell him to make some room for when I visit. I may be visiting soon to sample some apple pie.

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  6. It’s so nice to see that you and Mike are nice and comfy in Denver now. I love how you turned your sunroom shelves into a fabric storage space. The bins look like a great size to hold lots of fabric scraps. I like how you use your kitchen island for a cutting station, it’s the perfect height for cutting AND I think it will help with creativity when you walk to different crafting spaces within your home. Guests might not leave…this room is so inviting!

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    1. Oh just to clarify – the sunroom is from my former house – that is where I demo the idea. Now it is in the 2nd bedroom of my new apartment. Thanks so much and we do want guests to leave after a while – ha! 🙂


  7. This looks so good–you have really put the space to the best use. I identify with Knitnquilt’s comment about “it’s a sewing room when she’s sewing traditional stuff and a studio when shes making art quilts.” Mike cuddling up to the pillow is just too cute. Having a larger cutting area on the kitchen island is a great idea, and using the space efficiently. Lovely space! Congratulations on this transition from a 3BR house to 2BR apartment. A few pot plants may satisfy the urge to grow something, and freedom from a big yard/flowerbed maintenance will be welcome.

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    1. Thanks so much Martha! I know I love KnitnQuilt’s comment as well as Cedar51’s about the guest room/sewing room. I could do some container gardening – great idea 🙂


  8. Wow you made it work…no surprise! I do have a question though. Don’t you think placing the shelf in front of the window may eventually bleach out your fabric? Just a thought.

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    1. That is a very good question and if they were not fabric scraps I would be concerned but since I have them in dark baskets I am hoping it works out 😉
      But I might rethink the arrangement in the future!

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  9. looking good, I would remove “guest room” and say outright to a guest “yes, I have space in my workroom for you to stay…but tread carefully there maybe the odd pin on the floor (or similar)”

    I live in officially a 2 bedroom unit, I refer to my 2nd space as the “storage room” …and it doesn’t even have a bed for guests 🙂

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  10. Did you move to Colorado or Quiltopia!?? Looks great and I love the picture of Mike on the bed…it looks like he just got caught gazing at his own image on the wall hanging :))

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  11. Now THAT’S how you move and get it done!! Ha, I’m still moving my stuff but hope to be done by this weekend! yay. Your new place looks so comfortable and that’s a great thing, moving to a new place is unsettling enough, it’s great when you can feel ‘at home’. Looking forward to seeing what you create first 🙂

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  12. Wonderful to see that the new studio (and new place!) are taking shape. Your work/guestroom is looking super cozified with all those beautiful quilts and textiles! If I can ask, how did you hang them up/mount them on the wall? I wish you many happy hours in your brand new workspace and all best with your new place! It already looks like a beautiful home!

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    1. Thank you! Great to hear from you in the blogosphere 🙂
      I have some of the quilts properly – use quilt hangers (they have marbles inside that hold the quilt in place) and others I have up with…gasp…thumb tacks, until I am sure that is where I want them. 🙂

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  13. I love have you and Mike have moved right into your new 2 bedroom apartment and made it so homey looking. You utilized all your space very well. You have inspired me to get moving on hanging up so bright cheery quilts on my walls.
    I can’t wait to come visit. Hopefully sometime in the fall, possibly, as I can only imagine how beautiful all the fall colors would be. Also, I love your idea about the scrap baskets being labeled and with a see through window in the front of the basket. I am need to sort out my scraps after I finish sewing a binding on Kelly’s graduation quilt. Hugs 🙂

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  14. I love the way your new studio looks! And I hope that you will be happy in your new place…your pup sure seems to have settled in nicely! xo

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