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Guest Blogger: October Quilt Retreat Part II

This post is a continuation of the post Guest Blogger: October Quilt Retreat .

I have returned today as the Guest Blogger after I was interrupted by Halloween and then Tierney announcing the winners of the tierneycreates 5th anniversary giveaways in yesterday’s post.

Do I need to introduce myself again? This is tierneycreates Beastie. I am a monster, but the good kind of monster. You can learn all about me and catch up on my adventures in the series of posts Beastie Adventures.

Okay so now that the introduction is over, let’s return to how I was left to wander around the Quilt Retreat because Tierney would not let me help the other quilters cut their fabric, sigh.

Not allowed to actually use the rotary cutter, only teased with it!

Wandering Around the Retreat (continued)

In the last post I shared the Penguin Party blocks that 3 of the quilters were working on. Here are some other works in progress and a completed jelly roll rug:


There was also some major Tula Pink All Stars action that is a follow up to this post – Tula Pink “All Stars” Retreat (Part II), but Tierney want to milk stories from this retreat for as many blog posts as possible so that will be covered on another post (Beastie eye roll).

Quilt Retreat Food

There was all sort of interesting foods served at the retreat, a quilter could never go hungry! There was also a birthday celebration for some of the quilters and birthday cake:


And what’s under this dome?


Well it’s Pineapple Upside Down Cake! (No worries it was not served on the same evening as the birthday cake – ha!)


Inside the Quilt Retreat Center Main House

The Sew N Go Retreat in Vancouver, Washington has a quilt retreat center where all the sewing happens; it also has the main house with the sleep accommodations, living and dining rooms and a classroom.  Here are some images from inside the main house which is decorated with…you guessed it – quilts!


Tierney always brings the host, Nancy a handmade gift each time she attends the retreat and here are a couple of her gifts from previous years displayed – a miniature kimono and sets of coasters:


Road Trip!

During the quilt retreat, we had to do a little road trip to a quilt shop! We went to the quilt shop Country Manor in Battleground WA.

I got to wander around the aisle of the quilt shop.

I like yarn shops better as they can lead to more Beas

The best part though was the road trip to the quilt shop, I got to ride for a while in the front on one of the quilter’s shoulders!

Road Trippin’!

Take a Hike!

You can’t just sit around and sew and eat. You have to get some exercise! Sew N Go is located in the country with lots of farms around and the quilters went for daily walks. Here are some photos from their walks:


Abbey the Quilt Retreat Kitty

As with previous retreats, Tierney visited with Abbey the Quilt Retreat Kitty.


Abbey was chewing on one of her “hot spots” on her tummy and did have to wear a “collar of comfort” for part of the quilt retreat:


That did not slow her down from trying to get pets from Tierney (I could not pet her with my limited Beastie arm motion, plus she might have thought I was a toy!)

Inside the Classroom

The large garage of the Sew N Go Retreat main house was converted into a classroom a couple of years ago. It is an impressive garage conversion! Here are a couple project going on in the classroom.

Quilts of Honor

Nancy the owner of Sew N Go and her friends have a Quilts of Honor (like Quilts of Valor) where they make quilts for Veterans and then present them in a special ceremony. One of the quilters volunteering on this project makes incredible embroidered labels for each Veteran’s quilt that is customized with their name. Here is a section of one of those labels:


Cool Carry All

Not sure what you would officially call this, but in the classroom were examples of an awesome carrier for quilting or other supplies that were recently made. Tierney bought the pattern to make one herself:


Back Home

I was exhausted when we got back home, it was a long weekend for a Beastie! Tierney and I took the Central Oregon Breeze bus to Portland for the retreat and back home, and it is about a 4 hour bus ride (why does she live in the middle of nowhere?!?!).

But the best part of returning back home for me, was being reunited with my dog Mikelet who was so happy to see me!

I can feel the love!


There are more posts to come about the retreat, this time by Tierney, but she and I are going to take a little break from blogging after 31+ days straight (and you can get a break from reading these crazy musings!).

Hope you all have a great weekend!

22 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: October Quilt Retreat Part II”

  1. Your pictures make me want to go on a quilt retreat! So many projects, so little time. I’m glad Beastie went with you and reported back. She really does need a proper name, if you don’t mind me saying so. 😀 She’s too cute for words. I am impressed that you kept up your daily blogging for so long! I’d like to try that – it seems to me that I had more ideas for my blog when I posted more often. And all your posts were top notch! So consider me inspired. Have a great weekend!

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    1. Quilt retreats are fun. I am in 2019 taking a break on the large retreats and saving my vacation days and financial resources for other things. Oh her official name is “tierneycreates Beastie” – she is named after my blog 🙂
      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments and I appreciate your kind words 🙂


  2. Wow, Beastie talk about being a backseat driver. Sheesh, you were kinda close there. Anyway, the trip looked fantastic. When I saw all the fabric, I immediately started thinking of all the things I could make. And then that food. Those mash potatoes made me fall out of my chair because they look so good. While you were being creative, I was being a little bit creative too. Look at what I am working on:

    One day I am going to hang out with the cools kids like you.


  3. The more I see of this place, the more I’m convinced it’s actually some sort of paradise. Craft, comfort food and beautiful countryside… You lucky things! Thanks for the tour, tierneycreates Beastie… And well done for resisting the temptation to go swimming in those mashed potatoes. I’m not sure I could have shown the same restraint!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment and I was so tempted to swim in the mashed potatoes but Tierney threatened me with something awful called the “washing machine” if I did this! – tierneycreates Beastie 🙂


  4. Knowing Beasties, I’m amazed there was any food left for you to get a picture :)). This looks like a wonderful getaway/crafty retreat. I hope Mikelet wasn’t too jealous when he smelled the cat scent on you. Thanks for sharing!!

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