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October Quilt Retreat Part IV: In Black and White

Here is the final installment of the series of posts on the quilt retreat I attended in October.

If you are just joining us – here are the previous related posts:

This post is the fault of Claudia @Claudia McGill – she encouraged me to share more Black & White photography.

As I warned my readers in the post New York City in Black and White, the “Noir” setting on my iPhone camera is a dangerous thing in the hands of an imaginary photographer! 

But Claudia just had to comment on this post:

“You’ve got a good eye. Enjoyed these. More, please!”

And, all I needed was a tiny bit of encouragement and now you all are stuck with some more…

Quilt Retreat in B&W

During the quilt retreat I wandered around the retreat center and the surrounding rural areas and snapped endless photos in B&W. Here are my favorites.

Wandering Around Outside


The Quilt Retreat Center


And of course this collection of photos would not be complete without Abbey the Quilt Retreat Kitty in B&W!


22 thoughts on “October Quilt Retreat Part IV: In Black and White”

  1. I love your photos! I also love your statement that you are an “imaginary photographer”. I, too, imagine myself to be a photographer. I love it, but can’t quite commit to learning all the tech side. But I keep snapping, anyway! 😄 And so should you, I really enjoy your pictures. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  2. So much B+W beauty here! You indeed have a great eye. My favourites are the snaps of the quilts (esp. the pinwheel-style one), the dog + walker duo on the grassy path, and the lone tire-swing (I felt a bittersweet twinge looking at that!). There are so many emotional shades captured across the lights and darks. Each one is a little world of feeling and wonder! Bravo. 🙂

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    1. Thank so much for your thoughts on the photos. I was surprise how cool some of the photos came out (and I took like a zillion photos to get to those cool photos!). Love your insight on how B&W can capture the subtle emotional shades that we do not notice in color photos – awesome way to look at it – you are such an artist 🙂

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    1. See you could use these to inspire a dark and foreboding novel 🙂
      I never thought of the WWI trenches – you are so right about the first photo!
      There was no stump attacks so you are ok!


  3. COOL! The tree stump is AMAZING! I see a cathedral in the mountains…but what is all the symbolism of the broken stuff in front of it, I could look at that for quite a while.

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