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New York City in Black and White

The “Noir” setting on my iPhone camera is a dangerous thing in the hands of an imaginary photographer!

Last year while attending Quilters Take Manhattan 2017 (see my series of posts Quilters Take Manhattan), I took a series of photos while wandering Manhattan (and on the Long Island Express train from Manhattan to Queens) in Black & White. Like yesterday’s post photos I recently came across these photos while cleaning up my photo storage.

So I will let today’s post be a photo essay of New York City in Black & White.


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26 thoughts on “New York City in Black and White”

  1. I love black and white photos sometimes – nice selection you have taken – the one that popped out at me was taken through a fence, the fence itself looks like quilt pieces !

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    1. Thanks and you are too kind! This is just the magic of taking a lot of photos using the special filter on my iPhone camera and then picking the best ones (there are many bad ones in B&W – ha!)

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    1. Thank you and you’ve given me an idea – I am going to create a post category called “Life in B&W” and then tag the other posts I’ve done so far featuring B&W photos. Then maybe in the future I’ll add more posts to this series of posts 🙂
      Thanks for the inspiration!


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