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If you’ve watched the television show Project Runway, then it is likely you’ve heard of Mood Fabrics in New York City’s Fashion District. Last year while attending Quilters Take Manhattan 2017 (see my series of posts Quilters Take Manhattan), I had the opportunity to visit Mood Fabrics for the first time.

My sister, nephew and I wandered around both the Mood Fabrics Home store and the Mood Fabrics apparel fabric store (the one seen in the show Project Runway).

Technically you are not supposed to take photos, but here are my photos (don’t report me okay?)…

Mood Home

Inside Mood Home were amazing home decor fabrics and a delightful sample bin!


Here is what I picked up from the sample bin:


Unless you are brand new to my blog, you probably recognize the fabric above – it is currently on my large design wall simmering (update on that in the Postscript).

Mood Fabrics

As I mentioned above, technically you are not supposed to take photos so I had to take photos when the opportunity arose (wink, wink) and here are the photos I got of some of delights at Mood Fabrics:

Mega button section
Amazing fabrics
More amazing fabric in the wedding dress fabric section
Incredible textures and fabrics
Wandering around the rolls
More lace than you can imagine
The rolls do not stop


More About Mood Fabrics

Here is some interesting tidbits about Mood Fabrics, summarized from their website – Mood Designer Fabrics:

  • Mood Fabrics is the number-one shopping destination for fashion fabric in the world
  • The NYC flagship store alone plays host to more than 1,200 customers every day
  • Fashion designers, fashion students and home sewers have always been steady clientele of Mood, but the film, stage and television industry relies on Mood for fabric as well to costume their casts.
  • Hundreds of non-sewing tourists pop into the NYC store daily, hoping to catch a glimpse of Tim Gunn, Swatch the dog, or one of the many Project Runway alumni who now call the store their inspirational second home.

I wish I made clothes – it is the ultimate fabric playground for clothes making!

After Mood…

After spending quite a bit of time at Mood Home and Mood Fabrics (my teenage nephew was very patient!) we stopped for delicious hot beverages and ice cream at a sweet little cafe (notice the Mood Fabrics shopping tote in the background):

2018-04-23_09-07-32_2752018-04-23_09-11-23_263And then we wandered a bit around Grand Central Station, enjoying the amazing architecture and the celestial ceiling:


There are lots of places to eat inside of Grand Central Station but we were fascinated by this microgreens vendor’s case:

2018-04-22_07-52-03_187Later that day while wandering around Manhattan, we came across the cutest storefront:2018-04-22_10-58-05_973That is one of the most adorable fashion window displays I’ve ever seen!

In case you are wondering why I am sharing these photos a year later, it is because I was looking through my online photo storage (I use Amazon Prime Photo) and came across these photos that I forgot to do a post on!


As I mentioned early, I have an update to my large design wall – a follow up to last week’s post What’s Simmering on the Design Wall and yesterday’s post – Awesome $3 Thrift Shop Find .

I could not wait and I added fabrics from the thrift shop find to the rest of the fabrics “simmering” on the large design wall in my hallway:


Tomorrow I will have one more post about New York City and then by Thursday I will move onto my 5th anniversary celebration and five (5) giveaways to celebrate 5 years of blogging!

We are at day 23 of daily blog posts, 8 more days for you to endure of my daily postings (smile)!


23 thoughts on “Mood Fabrics NYC”

  1. Well, that made me drool! And over the fabrics, not the ice cream! I get the mood fabrics email and will order from them one of these days because I do make clothing. You can, too. Just look for a class at a shop in your area 😄

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    1. It is on my list of something to learn someday. I actually bought a cool book on learning to make a simple tunic to get my feet wet. The Stitching Post has a cool apparel class I want to take someday. 🙂


  2. It’s a treat to get to read your “extra” posts. I love all the pictures and I would so LOVE to go to Mood Fabric. I was drooling over some of the material in your photos. I’d love the apparel fabric. I can sew clothes! 😀 Of course wearing them in public is a whole other matter! :-\ I had never heard of Mood Fabric and I don’t watch TV so I’ve never seen Project Runway.

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  3. I need some of those buttons — how cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures — I was born in NYC, wasn’t raised there but love to visit and I really appreciate how dynamic the city is and there is something for everyone!

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  4. I visited Mood fabrics once…gets the creative juices flowing. Thinking of that and seeing your design wall and having listened to a quilting lecture last evening I kind of want to scream: Stop the World! I just want to create! I am my own worst enemy in making my quilting MY priority. But then family time…like daughter’s new baby who also has a 2 year old sister is more important. For now…but there is always something. If only I could give up sleep!

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  5. Ooooh, Mood! I’ve been “watching” old seasons of Project Runway while I craft over the last couple of months, and I would LOVE to be let loose in that store some day! I’m actually surprised you left! 😂

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    1. Thanks so much and we were totally torturing my teenage nephew – I mean how much Mood can a teen boy take (unless he is into fashion design) so eventually we needed to leave. That sounds so fun to watch Project Runway while you craft – will future Beasties have some runway inspired outfit? 🙂


      1. Hahaha! Oh, poor guy! 😆 But I applaud him for going along in the first place… You must be his favourite auntie! (Or you offered an amazing bribe)
        And ooooh, Runway Beasties might be fun for the post-Christmas lull (assuming I get one next year!) – the world needs more short-legged, wide-necked models, don’t you think? 😁

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  6. Such a good post! I am a fashion design student in Wales and will be visiting New York just after the new year!! I would love to visit mood fabrics! When I found out the shop was in Manhattan I was so gutted as I wanted to get fabric samples and see all of their fabrics… my chance has come!

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    1. Hello Jessica – thank so much for stopping by and commenting. I hope you get to visit Mood Fabrics – as a Design Student you will be in heaven! You might even be asked to leave because they are trying to close for the day – ha!


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