What's on the Design Wall

What’s Simmering on the Design Wall

This post is a continuation of my ongoing series “What’s on the Design Wall”, featuring my latest project up on either one of the small design walls in my studio or the large design wall my hallway.

Something is Simmering

Now that Tango Stripe is done (see post What is OFF the Design Wall: Tango Stripe is Done (yay!)) I am in the mood to put ideas up on the large design wall in the hallway and let them “simmer“.


Before we go any further on the post I need to give you some background to explain the low light and less than stellar photos. In 2016 I decided to embrace “whole house crafting” where I decided to expand my crafting space beyond the little studio in the back of my little house. This included turning part of the only hallway in my house into a large design wall, The only problem is that the hallway is narrow and so I have to take photos at odd angles.

Okay now back to my ramblings about my what is on the design wall…

What is on the large design wall are items related to these two posts: Art Quilter Play Date and Quilt Retreat Inspiration and Projects..

Art Quilter Play Date – Earlier this year I went to a fabric printing workshop held at the studio of one of the artists in the art quilting group I belong. Here are the 5 pieces I printed.


Quilt Retreat Inspiration and Projects. – Last year during the annual May retreat with my quilting friends, my friend Lisa was working on an old UFO from a machine embroidery class she took but was losing interest in finishing the piece. I offered to take it off her hands.

Her blocks looked like this:


I took them apart and along with the extra fabric end up with a nice package to become a challenge bag (see post Basket of Challenges):


I was rummaging around in my Basket of Challenges the other day and came across this bag. Looking at the fabrics in taupes, browns, golds, creams, and silvers, I realized they might look great with the fabric printed pieces I made earlier this year.

I decided to put everything up on the large design wall, and let them “simmer’ until I decided what type of piece I want to make (most likely some type of improvisational art quilt):



In addition to these fabrics, I put up on the wall this home decor remnant I picked up from Mood Fabrics during a trip to New York City:


I also have the 5 blocks that my friend Lisa did machine embroidery on, to work into the piece:


I am not going to work on designing the piece yet, I am just going to keep the fabric up on the design wall and let it “simmer”!


25 thoughts on “What’s Simmering on the Design Wall”

  1. That’s a good idea to let the materials simmer on the design wall until you can think of a plan. I too have less than stellar lighting and have expanded my sewing space throughout the house.

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    1. Thank you and glad to hear there is a fellow “Whole House Crafter” 🙂
      Someday I might invest in better lighting in the hallway or get lighting specifically above the design wall.


  2. I use my whole house…which often annoys the other household members that have to walk around things and have fabric scraps from one end to other……stuck to the dogs…in my bed….It sounds like I am way messier than I am, but I do like to spread out.

    I am currently using our pool table as a craft table. I should use the whole wall of the pool room…I would like to paint it with the paint you can use dry erase markers on…..then I could right myself notes and hang make a quilt wall. Although they might be taking things a bit to far….hmmmm

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    1. You should use the wall I love the idea of doing chalkboard or dry erase paint! Well I am sure you do not play pool constantly so sounds like a good use of that table 🙂


  3. So many lovely combinations here! What a great idea to have your design wall expand into your home. It means inspiration may strike at any moment on how to proceed with any given project!

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  4. Thanks for the tour of these luscious fabrics! The embroidery blocks are very nice and I can’t wait to see where your creativity takes you on this! I think the final quilt will be stunning with these fabrics!

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  5. Love, love, LOVE the colors, patterns, textures on this wall. “Muted” is my “spectacular”. LOL
    The overall fabric selection goes perfectly with your prints. Another exciting finish to look forward to.

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  6. Wow, these fabrics could have been made to match your tree prints! Also, how on earth did your friend machine-embroider those squares? The symmetry is perfect! I can’t wait to see what these grow up to be…

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