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Art Quilter Play Date

Last Thursday I took the day off from work to attend a SAQA “Play Date”. SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) is the art quilting group I’ve been part of since 2013.

One of our members, Helen, was generous enough to host the “play date” in her lovely studio. We got to play with fabric printing using fabric inks and here are a couple photos from the play date.

  • Helen encouraged us to bring drawings on freezer paper to transfer into our fabric printing designs. Below are some of the drawings other art quilters brought to the play date:


  • Our host has a lot of experience with fabric printing and had all sorts of fun tool like the shape below which made an interesting design on fabric:


  • Work in progress:


  • There were lots of wonderful pieces made during the play date and here are some examples from my fellow “play-daters” (only sharing photos of works that I got permission from the arts to share):


  •  Here are some of my pieces (I am not going to show you my first pieces that I tried to hide in the trash, ha!):


I plan to turn this collection of tree like images into an art quilt.


Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH) and I just returned from a weekend trip to Portland to attend the Trends show. The next post I will share photos and stories from my experience meeting and taking classes from Latifah Saafir, Jody Houghton, and Kathy Cardiff. Amy Barickman of Indigo Junction was the keynote speaker.

I will close this post with a photo from out the passenger window from our drive from Central Oregon to Portland, Oregon via Santiam Pass on Friday morning (TTQH was driving thank goodness):


26 thoughts on “Art Quilter Play Date”

    1. I have already named the piece in my mind and drafted the Artist Statement for the piece in my mind also! Now I just need to CREATE the piece – ha! (if only what is in our minds could suddenly pop out completed!)

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  1. Gorgeous view! I can’t wait to see what you create with the tree blocks.
    What type of fabric did you use?
    A friend of mine wants to hook me up with someone she knows who paints on fabric.
    I thought it might be beyond me, but now I want to try it out.

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    1. First Chela – you’ve proven you can do pretty much anything artistically so I am sure you will have a series posts in the future of your non stop painted fabric creations! I love following your blog it inspires me 🙂
      There is fabric specifically designed to fabric printing, my friend Susan brought some to the play date and let me try it but I ended up preferring the fabric I brought which was a fat quarter of a Marcia Derse solid (which is not really all solid but has lighter and darker areas – very subtle but quite lovely).
      And I thought fabric printing was beyond me and wandered around aimlessly at the beginning of the play date, too scared to start 🙂


    1. I already have the piece named and have mapped it out in my mind. I did pick up a book on thread painting (a book that I think Chela had on one of her blog posts) and I plan to add thread painting on top of the trees. So many idea and plans – why do I have to work full time at my health plan job?!?!?!

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  2. I need to get hooked up with some local art quilters, apparently! ALSO hey, no fair, you folks in the PNW have SO MANY great designers and teachers out there!! We have all the quilt shops in Iowa (I’ve heard more per capita than any other state, but I’ll admit I don’t know how to verify that!) but you have TALENT out there. What fun!

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    1. There was an issue (earlier this year or last year) of the magazine Quiltfolk that featured Iowa and yup – you are like the quilting capital of the US!
      We do have a lot of talent here in the PNW. In my Central Oregon SAQA alone we have Jean Wells, her sister June Jaegar, and Wendy Hill who are all published authors and national teachers. Then we have people like Shelia Finzer in the group who recently won at Houston International Quilt Show! And was featured in the first issue of Quiltfolk (which was about quilting in Oregon). In the Portland SAQA group we have other big names. We have a lot of big names in quilting that live in the Camp Sherman area outside of Sisters, OR. We also have a boatload of other types of artists. It is like this area pulls them like a magnet. I finally relaxed and stopped being crazy intimidated by all the talent around me. I just soak in being in their presence 🙂

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  3. Oh my goodness that photo is spectacular! Picture perfect! Looks like you had a really great time at the class. It’s really nice to be able to try new things under the watchful eye of an experienced person. I have lots of classes planned to attend this year. Can’t wait! 😊

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  4. What a fun day out! A “play date” is a great way of putting it… A way to try out something new in a relaxed atmosphere. And your trees turned out beautifully! It was also lovely to see snowy Oregon – that’s not Mount Hood in the photo, is it?

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    1. Thanks it was a fun day. I am so embarrassed – it might be Mt. Hood or another Cascade Mountain. I am terribly at identifying which mountain is which from different directions. When we are heading from Central Oregon to Portland then Mt. Hood is the prominent mountain but the route we were going there are others on the way in the distance. 🙂


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