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Basket of Challenges

One the years I’ve grown to appreciate fabric scraps, especially coordinated fabrics scraps shared from other quilters’ projects.

I have gathered a collection of coordinated fabric scraps donated by quilting friends.

Each collection of scraps is organized in a plastic bag, which I call a “challenge bag“. Each bag is a challenge to create something from a fabric scrap collection otherwise destined for the trash.

I had these challenge bags stored in two storage containers:


I decided to move them into a large basket in my studio where I could see them all the time and be reminded of the fun challenges to work on:


While going through the challenge bags to move them from the storage containers to the open basket, I figured it was time to work on one of them.

My friend gave me a collection of brown batik scraps and partial fat quarters that she had started making little wallets out of – she also gave me the pattern and the templates she had cut. I think she thought I would just use the fabrics/scraps as part of a scrappy quilt. Instead I used nearly all the fabric/scraps she gave me to make a collection of little wallets:

Little Wallets, pattern by Valori Wells
Perfect size to hold business cards

I am looking forward in the future playing with another “challenge bag”. We’ll see what I make next…


Yesterday I hiked Pilot Butte (miniature mountain with 360 degree views of Central Oregon and surrounding region) and nearing the summit I took a photo of a controlled burn off in the distance. The US Department of Agriculture Forest Service has to do controlled burns in the Deschutes National Forest to control forest fires.

Prescribed Fire in Central Oregon

I used the zoom on my iPhone and although it is not the clearest photo it gives you a sense of the scope of the controlled burn:


If you are new to my blog and wanted to read more about my Pilot Butte adventures, check out this link: Pilot Butte Adventures.

For those of you who have followed me for a while – yes, on my hike yesterday, another Senior Citizen dusted me on Pilot Butte. At least the 80+ year old (maybe even 90) was kind enough to wish me a “good day” as he effortlessly walked around me on the hike back down the Butte!

26 thoughts on “Basket of Challenges”

  1. I love your ‘mini purses’. They are so cute. Nice selection of scraps. I just started working on a few scrap strip blocks and I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with, in addition to the little purses.

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  2. The mini purses look awesome! Can’t wait to see what you do with the challenge scraps. Love the photo of the controlled burn. Quite the sight. One of these days you just might pass by all those senior citizens.

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  3. Love the little wallets.

    Having your challenge coordinates in the basket is pretty cool. I’m a very visual person so I would always be thinking about what could be done if I could see them. Storage containers tucked away would be off my radar.

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  4. Great little wallets. Will you sell those?

    Ah yes, the old-folks-dashing-by-on-the-mountain story. Have certainly had that happen! We were in Taos 3 years ago and a woman ran by. By the time we saw her again she was sitting peacefully, deep in meditation. 🙂

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    1. I will probably give the wallets as gifts. Ah Taos – I heard that is a really cool place – I would like to go there someday. Running into meditation – that is discipline!

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