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From Decapitation to “Recapitation”

If you have recently joined us on this blog, the title might be freaking you out right now. You might be thinking: “I thought this was a nice quilting/crafting related blog…is this some type of ghoulish or macabre journal?!?!?”

No, this is a follow up to the 10/10/18 post Mysterious Package, in which I received my 6 year old nephew’s favorite, alas decapitated, bear Marseille for repair:


Well I am happy to report Marseille had his surgery yesterday and he is “recapitated” and all better!


I used a doll needle for the first time, to repair Marseille. This is a very long needle (over 5 inches/2.5 cm). Here is a comparison between a doll needle and a regular needle:


Here is Marseille posing with the needle and the thick thread that I used to put his head back on:


Marseille also had a loose arm so I reinforced the stitches on his arm so he did not suffer any spontaneous amputation of his limb!

Today Marseille flies back to the Eastern Coast of the U.S. to be reunited with my nephew (via the U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail).

I already texted a photo of “recapitated” Marseille to my sister-in-law who shared this with my nephew who is very excited to get his beloved bear back (with a head)!

I must admit, repairing Marseille and working with a doll needle got me interested again in the idea of making “softies” someday. I will put that into my backlog of craft projects I want to work on someday.


In addition to repairing Marseille the little teddy bear, I also had to repair Mike the Miniature Schnauzer’s favorite toy “Lamby”.

We do not usually let mike have stuffed/soft toys as he tends to tear them up (his main toys are usually chew-resistant balls). However when my sister-in-laws visited this summer for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (see post Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2018, Part II: Visitingย Crafters) they brought his a toy that was allegedly rugged and could handle his chewing – a toy lamb.

We named the lamb “Lamby”. Well Lamby, despite losing two limbs, was holding up and Mike adored his lamb and would nap with it:

Mike cuddling with Lamby (I think he feels bad he ripped off his arms)

But then we discovered Lamby had a terrible and unsightly injury: his crotch was ripped open!


Oh the horror!

I immediately repaired Lamby’s crotch injury and said to Mike: “You must be gentler with Lamby or he has to go away”. ย I think Mike understood me as here he is keeping post-operative Lamby company:




27 thoughts on “From Decapitation to “Recapitation””

  1. I’m so glad to know that Miarseille came through the surgery alright! I’m moving him from the Prayer List to the Praise List! Congratulations to the surgeon as well!

    And of course Mike understood what you told him!!

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  2. Ha- a doll needle is probably the only needle I don’t have! Nice repair on Marseille, I must keep a lookout for a ‘surgery’ tool like his. I’m in between canines right now, but every last one of them in the past was expert at dismemberment of their stuffed friends.

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  3. Now I know what the really long needle I found in my mum’s stuff is for! Our 12 year old golden retriever has a teddy bear she has had since she was a pup, it’s her comforter, it looks disgusting and most visitors look horrified when they are presented with ‘her baby’. Interestingly the other dogs seem to know not to touch it, any other toy is fair game!

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    1. Ah I see you understand about a dog’s favorite toy! If I was presented with “her baby”, I would totally understand. Glad I took some mystery out of what the big needle was for!


  4. OMG! A little warning before displaying ripped out crotches, please! My eyes will never be the same. Excellent job on the surgeries, though. I hear Dr. Frankenstein might need a new assistant with your skills :))

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