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Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2018, Part II: Visiting Crafters

Hello! Are you as warm as I am? We’ve been blessed with 95+ temperatures in Central Oregon. I am writing this on my porch (which is shaded) as our two little evaporative coolers are not keeping the house as cool as I would like it to be (someday we dream of installing central air conditioning…)

Photo credit: “The Sun” by William Picard, free

It’s dropped down to 92 degrees so it is now cool enough (ha!) for me to work on a blog post. I am continuing my series of posts about the 2018 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (SOQS), that began with this post: Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2018, Part I.

Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH)’s sisters from New York, Sue and Diane, came to town for the show and to visit us for a week. We took them on a Central Oregon Quilt Shop Hop (they are both quilters/crafters) on Thursday and Friday before the SOQS on Saturday.

As a result of all that quilt shop-hopping, new projects were purchased by my sister-in-laws and we’ve had many enjoyable evening sitting around my living room, backyard (when it cools down in the evening), or my dining room table crafting together:


They’ve been working on two different wool appliqué candle mat patterns by Bareroots Little Stitches. One is a cat themed candle mat and the other is this dog themed mat pattern called #195 Puppy Love.


Here is one sister-in-law’s progress on the kitty themed wool appliqué mat:


As you can see there are many little pieces. Luckily I had freezer paper, appliqué glue stick and of course basic sewing supplies on hand.

Here is the progress my other sister-in-law is making on her dog themed wool appliqué candle mat:


The mats are super adorable! One of my sister-in-laws taught me how to make french knots which I’ve never made before.

Oh you wonder – what I am working on during our crafting sessions? I am working on a wool appliqué miniature pillow that I started in March during a class with Kathy Cardiff (see post Trends Show Part II: More Classes).


I will share on Instagram (@tierneycreates) the completed images of our pieces.

Next post, I will share images from the 2018 Sisters Outdoor Show (once I weed through the zillion of photos I took!) If you cannot wait until my next post, here are two Central Oregon quilting bloggers that are already sharing awesome photos and stories:

Kristen Shields (


Anna Bates ( & Quilt Roadies YouTube Channel):

Surround yourself with people you can always learn something from. Always work with people that are better at their craft than you are. – Tony Vincent

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  1. Isn’t it fun to craft with friends and family? These candle mats are so cute. I have not been able to master the French knot. Do you have any tricks or hints to pass along? Our AC is working overtime these days. We also have fans in every room. I have a little portable hand fan that I am not ashamed of using in public!

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    1. I wrote some tips and then my comment disappeared! Anyway – I would strongly recommend having someone demonstrate in person, I am not sure I could have gotten it by just looking online!
      Thanks for your comments and I bet you are even warmer than us!


  2. Oh, those mats are too cute! It sounds like you’ve been having fun showing your sisters-in-law the sights, and crafting together when the heat lets up a bit. Speaking of which, I converted your 92°F to centigrade and my eyes nearly bugged out of my head! That’s not “cool” at all! 😂

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  3. Tony Vincent is so right. So often I just want to shut myself up in my quilt room to work. But I must get out there more to experience and learn from others. -Mary

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  4. Fun times! I love dining table craft sessions, and those canine-inspired candle mats are adorable. Nice to see your current felt applique project as well. It’s lovely. 🙂 Happy sewing, Tierney! 🙂


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